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Bissell Magic Vac

One thing that I’ve decided in my big spring clean of Miranda is that while my mini wet/dry shop vac serves its purpose really well, it’s a pain to use for daily cleaning because it means I have to get on my hands and knees to vacuum the edges of the floor after I sweep. I am glad to have it for sucking up cat litter and that will continue to be its job. But I need another option for the rest of the rig.

I did some research and decided that a stick vac that converts to a hand vac would be the most useful in a tiny home with no carpet, as well as being easy to store.

I’ve been checking the Canadian Tire flier for a few weeks and the vacuums finally went on sale this week! I decided on a Dirt Devil model for $29. Dirt Devil is barely a step up from Shark, but I figured that it would hold up long enough for me to get my money’s worth.

The Dirt Devil model was available in black and in blue. I cracked open one of the boxes and knew immediately that I wasn’t going to waste $30 on that piece of junk; the plastic just looked really cheap. The next model up was a Dyson, on sale for $119. Dyson makes a great vacuum, but it’s overkill for me. So I decided to wait and headed out of the store when I noticed that there was a box way way in the back of the shelf next to the Dirt Devil model. I wrestled it out and discovered a Bissell stick vac.

I am thrilled with my Bissell little green machine, so I looked for a price tag and let out a mental YAY when I saw that it was the same price as the Dirt Devil!

So I was happy to bring home this blue BISSELL 3106A Featherweight Lightweight Vacuum, also called a ‘magic vac’.

It comes in three parts: the beater bar assembly, the hand vac, and the handle. It assembles easily and has a removable dust cup (no bag). I like things that I can use a minute after I take it out of the box without having to refer to the instruction manual. 🙂 I immediately tested it out and appreciated having a lightweight hand vac that can suck dirt along the edges of the floor without my being bent over. It sucks well on bare floor and only uses 1.2 amps, which means that I will be able to use it when boondocking.

I’m not sure that I would recommend it for folks with carpet because it didn’t do a great job on the carpet in The Apartment, but the carpeting in here is really weird and attracts fuzz like nobody’s business. The Bissell did do a great job on the rug that I put down over the main part of the living area so it might be fine on some types of carpets.

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  • We had a Dirt Devil in the motorhome and it was no good. It sucked nothing up. Next we got (and still have) a Shark. Not much better and it overheats and stops after doing about 40% of the RV. We have to let it cool down and reset twice just to clean this little floor. I hope your Bissell is better.

    Brooks and Linda bought a Dyson and when they brought it home the cleaning lady had just been in. Linda tried the Dyson anyway and she filled it with dirt just in the living room and bedroom! She vacuumed the floor two more times before it quit sucking dirt out of the rug. Too bad it is too large to pack around in the RV.

  • I had a Shark in my housebound life. Never again; junk! We used a Dyson at the motel in Dawson; they are awesome! Bissell will be a satisfactory mid-range unit.

  • I think you just found the vacuum I need. Thanks!

  • I have a Bissell Featherweight for my RV, too, and it works great. It’s easy to store and easy to use for almost any job you need, even cleaning around the corners and crevices of the cab.

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