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Bissel Magic Vac Update After Six Months of Use in an RV

I’ve been using my Bissel Magic Vac for six months now in my RV. I never thought I would say this about a vacuum cleaner, but I adore it! Using this vacuum is no more onerous than using a broom and actually does a much better job.

I still don’t think it’s a good vacuum for carpets, but I have all vinyl floors and it works beautifully on them while using so little power. It takes just a minute to run the vacuum all around the rig and another couple of minutes to run it without the beater bar along the edges and in nooks and crannies. I started by storing it in the toilet room, but it’s now pretty much permanently plugged in in the living room and stored under the ladder, ready to suck up cat litter when I clean the box.

My only complaint about this vacuum is so minor it’s nitpicking. Because this is essentially a hand vac with a long (removable) handle, the power button is very low, so you have to bend down to turn the vacuum on and off.

I highly recommend the Bissel Magic Vac for RVers without carpet.

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  • Teach your cats to turn it on/off.
    Hmmm, but that could lead them to play the on/off ‘game’ and kill your battery :o)

  • First, I’d have to teach them to not run and hide when the vacuum starts! 😀

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