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Appliance Joy

Here is a stock image of my newest toy. I don’t have room in the rig for it yet so it’s still in the car ( 😀 ):


No, it’s not a microwave! It’s a DISHWASHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just cannot believe that I own a Danby counter top dishwasher at this point in my life!!! They are worth about 300$, so I planned to do my renos and get one next winter.  Browsing the For Sale ads on Craigslist this week, I found TWO of these on sale! One was in Campbell River for 120$, which was still too pricey for my current financial situation. But the other one was in Cumberland, 50km away, for 70$. Even counting in gas, the latter one was a bargain that I couldn’t disregard. Since I won’t be buying groceries this week, I put my grocery money towards the Danby. I love it when things work out that way.

It’ll be great doing the renos with the dishwasher in my possession since I won’t have to guess how it would fit in a given space. It would have sucked to create a nook for it that wouldn’t work and have to start all over again. As it is, I think that my original idea was good, but will require some tweaking since the unit is a bit deeper than I expected. I’ve also  been advised that it gets really hot when it’s in the drying cycle. Since I usually just open the door instead of going into the drying cycle, this last bit might not be important, but it’s still useful information. One thing I will have to be careful about is plugging it into a socket that is not on the same circuit as the study as it is a 1260W unit, meaning it’ll draw almost 11A and cannot therefore operate on the same circuit at the same time as the microwave, vacuum cleaner, or printer.

Having had a dishwasher for one year, I know just how radically my life is going to change. I hate washing dishes. It’s the most onerous task in the universe; worse than scrubbing toilets or doing laundry. Being single, I have to do everything around my home. Why not let an inexpensive machine deal with the one thing I resent the most? I know from my experience living with a dishwasher that I’m going to cook more and eat out less. Needless to say, I can’t wait to set it up! The best part is that I have space for it, even if the space doesn’t exist right now. By keeping my rig relatively decluttered, I can, as I wrote in my ebook Sorting It Out, make room for things that matter. Until I find a human dishwasher, the things that matter include a Danby countertop dishwasher. 🙂

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  • Dishwasher is the no 1 list of must have for my next appartment. Once you go dishwasher, I cannot understand anyone that would go back. I even bought pots & pans that were dishwasher safe to ensure I would not have to wash anything anymore.

    Hope you get to enjoy it!

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