Another RV Show in Lethbridge

Jody and I went to another small RV show and sale this afternoon. I was much more impressed with the units on display this time! Last time was mostly Keystone and this time was mostly Jayco. Again, there were no motorhomes to speak of since Albertans have a truck culture and therefore favour trailers and 5ers.

Here are a few things that caught my eye:

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  • I had to look up “marrettes.” Your American readers are probably more familiar with the generic term “wire nuts.”

  • And I have never heard the term “wire nuts.” 😀

  • Hi,

    I always like to hear your reviews of the trailers/rv’s out there. We went to the RV show here in Edmonton and I was impressed with all the motorhomes they had. They usually don’t have very many. I was wondering if you know the names of the trailers that had the kitchen and bar in your pictures.


  • Rear kitchens look neat, but be wary of them as they are the furthest point from the fulcrum (wheels) so when bouncing down the roads, if you picture a teeter totter, the longest distance from the center gets far more sway and movement than over the wheels or hitch. It is a recipe for broken or pitched items. I have heard horror stories!

  • I have heard horror stories, too, but have spoken with a number of people in the RV field who say that the designs have really improved in the last ten years or so — struts are close together and wider and there are better shocks, for example, so those horror stories don’t apply anymore.

  • I’m the wrong person to ask to review towables since I’m not into that scene at all. Most of the units I saw yesterday were Jaycos and all I can say is that construction looked decent and layouts were mostly good.

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