Another Mystery Solved

Two and a half years of living in this rig just about had me convinced that it’s enchanted: why else would it feel so much more spacious than other comparable rigs?

The answer came to me tonight. Standard RVs are 96″, 8′, wide. Miranda’s interior is exactly 96″ wide. Add two inches of insulation and you get an exterior width of 100″ (which I confirmed with a tape measure).

An extra 4″ of floorspace width might not sound like a big deal, but it definitely is!

Another thing I learned is that some jurisdictions limit vehicle width to 8′, meaning that at 8.3′ Miranda is technically not legal to drive in some locations!

I wonder what’s the next secret I’m going to uncover? Perhaps Miranda has a warp drive and shielding capacity to take her into space! 😀

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  • My Rexhall is a “wide body” at 102″. So parking on the street it looks like I’m sticking out from the curb even when the tires are touching the curb, and it takes 4 normal parking spaces to allow me to get out if I can’t find an end double-space. I’m planning on adding a “don’t deploy the stairs” switch so they don’t try to deploy into a curb or a closely parked car.

  • From outside, Miranda doesn’t seem that big, thankfully!

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