And the tension is broken in Squamish…


Total cost of the repairs was 250$ less than the estimate, including all new brakes, a new tire, an oil change, a full mechanical inspection, and a much needed wash. I pulled out of the garage at 10, gassed up, dumped, took on water, and hit the road.

There is one last hairpin turn steep descent after Pemberton. It was nothing worse than what I’ve encountered on the Alaska Highway, but my heart was in my throat. I did everything I normally do at the top of such a hill–overdrive off, gear down, pray–and away I went. I stopped a few times en route to Squamish and finally pulled over here at the Canadian Tire next to which there is a Starbucks where I knew I could get online.

No sooner had I walked into the coffee shop than I heard a familiar voice say “Rae!!!”

It was my neighbour from last winter at Pacific Border, Will Imanse, author of an ebook I helped edit, Full Time in an RV. Too, too, too funny.

I’m off to find a place to hunker down for the rest of the day and then the night seeing as the next ferry is at 3PM and I’ve decided that would put me in unfamiliar territory too close to nightfall.

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  • Rae.
    Just read your latest post. This may be too much of a coincidence, but is Croft an ex Telus employee. If he is, I know him. If it is the Croft I know I have talked to him a number of times when I was working in Campbell River. I left a comment on his blog also asking him about his identity. I work for Telus on the Antenna crew.

  • Yup, we know the same Croft. 🙂 I’m staying at his place in Campbell River for the winter!

  • Si je comprend bien, tu peux me lire. Alors je viens de prendre connaissance du
    message de Will Imanse. Je sui bien contente que tu sois rendue Ă  bon port et que
    tu aies du bon temps. Tu vas pouvoir évacuer tout le stress accumulé ces derniers
    jours, J’ai laissĂ© ton appel sur mon rĂ©pondeur et je le rĂ©Ă©coute. C’est bon d’entendre ta voix. Je veux te fĂ©liciter pour ce 11 mois que tu viens de passer. Tu as su relever
    plusieurs embûches, surtout les derniers jours. Avec Jocelyne comme coach on peut
    dire que tu as de la chance tu es vraiment chanceuse. je peux dire la même chose pour moi. Dès que je suis en problême elle est toujours là
    coach, Chapeau Rae.

  • Salut grand-maman! Je dois dire que je me sens pas mal fière que ma grand-mère est capable de me laisser un commentaire sur mon blog!

    Ce furent quelques journĂ©es pleines d’Ă©motions, mais je me sens dĂ©jĂ  commencer Ă  dĂ©compresser. La mer a toujours un bon effet sur mon moral. 🙂

    Je suis effectivement chanceuse d’avoir Jo pour me dĂ©panner de temps Ă  autre. Elle m’a beaucoup rassurer lundi soir, surtout quand elle m’a rappelĂ© que les pièces pour mon motorisĂ© seraient facilement trouvables.


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