The dressing room has three distinct areas.

The Wardrobe

This is the only part of Miranda that I… I… How can I put it delicately? I can’t. I HATED THIS WARDROBE.

The wardrobe (and beautiful fridge)

The wardrobe (and beautiful fridge)

The mirrors are inset in two sliding doors. These doors, that are GONE, were evil. How can I count the ways?

1) They were held by two hard plastic clasps that are at elbow height; making for a lot of funny bone hitting;
2) Since they had a bit of an overlap in the middle, I didn’t have full and complete access to the space inside;
3) If my storage boxes on the top shelf shifted during driving, the doors jammed and couldn’t be opened until I shook the coach a bit.

It’s a shame since there is a lot of room behind those doors.

(Wardrobe update)

(Wardrobe resolution!)

Under the wardrobe is a large drawer (two knobs, one drawer) that is fine for holding underthings. I could be deeper, but it’s better than the space above!

Below the drawer is a surprisingly deep cupboard that houses the interior fittings for the outdoor shower. In front of that on the left I threw in all my shoes and on the right I have a basket with my laundry products. *makes a mental note to organize the shoes*

Remember this picture; it’s the only one where you can see the three kitchen drawers and the on switches for the water heater (red and black) and the generator (beige).

Finally, here is a nice shot of the pocket door:

A solid wood pocket door

A solid wood pocket door

The Vanity

One thing I really appreciate about Miranda is that her bathroom fixtures all feel like they have ‘normal’ proportions.

The vanity (note the DEEP sink with a normal faucet!)

The vanity (note the DEEP sink with a normal faucet!)

Most homeowners would pay big bucks for this much bathroom storage!

Most homeowners would pay big bucks for this much bathroom storage!

This vanity boasts:

  • A large and deep medicine cabinet offering room for storing everything from pill bottles to shampoo containers;
  • A large and deep sink with a ‘sticks and bricks’ style faucet;
  • A generous amount of counter space;
  • A generous amount of under sink storage space (sufficient enough to store all cleaning products).

Even though I hang a hand towel on rack by the sink, that lovely bit of wall was the perfect place in the coach to hang this picture with 3M picture tabs:


The Shower

Most people who see this shower really understand why I fell in love with Miranda. 🙂

This is the most luxurious shower in which I have ever had the pleasure of bathing! I love the skylight; I love the shape that prevents elbow banging; I love the little caddy that’s just the right size for all my products; and I love having two taps that make getting the temperature ‘just right’ very easy. I don’t love the showerhead as I wish it had an adjustment that would make it possible to cut the flow of water without losing the temperature mix. That’s an upgrade I’ll eventually get, but there’s no rush since I don’t really need to be as careful with my water consumption when I have full hookups.

In that corner where the heating vent is, there are two cloth dressers. Between that, the vanity, and the undersink storage, I have as much bathroom storage as I had in my 900 sq ft house!

More on the changes to the dressing room.

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