A Library Sneak Peak… in the Dressing Room

Remember my new, plain, wardrobe doors?

They have finally been painted:

I tried to get this picture under varying light and flash conditions, but I couldn’t get the colours quite right, not even in my graphic application. The paint is just about exactly the same rich honey colour as the base colour of all the oak cabinetry. The new cabinetry doesn’t blend in, but at least it doesn’t jar. I might one day, as a weekend project, do a faux oak finish on all the new cabinetry, so I’ll at least have the right base colour for that. For now, Donna agrees with me that the paint is a vast improvement over the mishmash of finishes I used to have!

How is this a sneak peak for the library? Hmm…

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  • Are your books inside?

  • Not even remotely close, but thanks for guessing. 😉

  • I wonder if you are standing in the library to take the picture. But I think you are standing in the studio. So I will just have to wait until you tell us how the dressing room relates to the library.

  • No, I was standing in the dressing room when I took that picture.

    The answer is found in my second post about the kitchen, when I showed off the new counter base. The mystery is that I painted it the same honey colour as the wardrobe doors. 😀

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