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A Feline Homecoming

I just moved Tabitha and Neelix back into the rig. They have been living in the garage since the middle of June!

It’s hard to believe we have only been separated for about 10 weeks. It feels like a lot longer than that.

This was the first time since I adopted Tabitha in late 2000 that I have not had cats in my home. I missed my boos so much, but I did appreciate how much easier it was to keep the rig clean and sweet smelling.

After coming in, my gang wandered around. Bitha mewed until I was back into the rig and then she went to her favourite lounging spot, right by me in the study:

As for Nee, he didn’t seem too sure about where to settle for a wash, so I plopped him on the arm chair in the living room and he happily staked his claim:

(There is something notable in one of these two photos; would anyone care to guess what?)

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  • You have covered the arm chair!

  • Nope, different arm chair. 😀

    Comment edited to add the link to the post about getting this arm chair:

  • Hi Rae,
    Oh Dang! I didn’t know we were going to have a pop quiz today 😉 … or i would have studied & done some research!
    Any hints?

  • Vicki, something looks unfinished in one of the two pictures.

  • Ok Rae,
    I’ll bite… I thought I saw some plywood behind the chair, hum?
    Vicki 🙂

  • […] Eagle-eyed reader Vicki noticed some plywood behind the arm chair in the living room. […]

  • I was wondering where in the library you were putting a wall….

  • Mystery solved! 😀

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