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Wow, Haven’t Done That In About 13 Years

A clash of schedules this evening found me babysitting for a half hour! My brother and sister-in-law landed breathlessly with my nephew with about five minutes notice to me. I joked, “Are you sure you trust me with your boy?” and sis-in-law replied sarcastically, “I’m so worried!” It’s nice to be trusted. 🙂

Youngest Nephew is about five months old and a very happy baby with bright blue eyes. We had a fun time playing with his toys and watching the squirrels play on the front lawn. He was a little overdue for a nap, so when he started fussing I took him for a walk about the house and he just settled happily into my arms.

There is nothing like a happy, cooing baby. And the smell! What is it about that baby smell, huh?

No, I have no interest in having my own. Being an aunt is awesome: you get to have fun, but can hand the baby back when you’ve had your fill. 😉

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1 Comment

  • We’ve started acquiring great-nieces and -nephews. I agree. Great to cuddle then give back. Also, I’d forgotten how heavy babies can be.

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