Working in Dawson City

I’m workamping yet again! After saying that I would never do this again, I’m glad I gave ‘this’ a second, and third, chance! And, in a perfect example of life circling around itself, guests from my first workamping experience are colleagues here!

Today was my first day at Bonanza Gold, just south of Dawson City (about five minutes by bicycle).

I’m doing a little of everything. This morning I ‘chambermaided’ for a few hours, which I’ll confess was the last thing I wanted to do (and still is), but it was okay seeing as management is not uptight in the least (ie. no one was standing over me with a stopwatch and a quarter to make sure that a) I made the beds in a prescribed time frame and b) that the sheets were tight enough! 😀 ).

After, I got to tool around the grounds on a golf cart to see where everything is. This was quite fun seeing as I haven’t driven a golf cart in five years and have never driven a gas-powered one.

I then spent the afternoon working mostly from home on some government-related paperwork that my resumé implied I’d be perfect for.

It promises to be an interesting hodgepodge of duties!

Even though I’ll be working full-time hours, I’m going to look for something else, either in the early mornings or late evenings. I need to take in as much work as I possibly can if I want to get to Inuvik.

It starts to get torrid around here at about three and doesn’t get better till about eight, so I’d like for that to be my ‘go home and crash’ time and to work when it’s cool. As it is, the lack of night starting to affect my sleep cycle and I find myself napping more than actually sleeping so I’m actually not afraid, for once in my life, of early morning work!

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