May 7, 2013 - Homemaking, Laundry, Personal    5 Comments

Wonder Wash Video Demonstration

Doing all this laundry today, I realised that I really should show my Wonder Wash in action.

Please excuse the pinkie in some shots, the shakiness, and the lack of focus in some parts. Also, Youtube made it blurry. 🙁 I’m adding ‘camera operator’ to my ‘ideal husband characteristics’ list. 😀 I am getting pretty good at using iMovie to edit these videos, so I imagine their quality will improve as time goes on.

Links referenced in this video:

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  • Rae, You left me hanging at hanging! Seriously it cut off when you said hanging to dry, no more video! ;0

  • Try watching the video directly on Youtube as the site is being very flaky today. :(It took me three tries to get it to load fully. 🙁 It is 9:44 long and definitely all there. Look for the ‘Youtube’ button on the lower right to get sent to the video page.

  • An inexpensive tripod will solve most of your video problems, and it’s a lot less hassle than a husband. 😉

  • Thanks for the video. I realize I am using way too much soap, and have been doing it by the kitchen sink, and struggling with the stupid drain pipe. I am going to try the shower, with 1/3 the soap I have been using, and just dump the water out. Thanks again Teach.

  • Andy, you’re funny. 🙂 I have thought of a tripod, but then I could go through all the motions and discover I was blocking the view finder or something. It’s a partial solution. 🙂

    Joni, hope it helps! Too much soap is the number one problem people seem to have with this machine.

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