Woman Lives in Her RV in Vancouver for $500 a Month

There is a lady living in Vancouver in an RV for $500 a month. The police actually recommended the park where she lives. Kudos to the authorities for dealing so positively with the housing crisis in Vancouver!

I did find it sad that life in the RV is seen by the narrator as so hard and full of sacrifice with few luxuries. This lady has a nice, big, class C. She is fortunate to have all the comforts of a small apartment, a great view, and no rent in one of the world’s most expensive cities! I look at this as fortunate misfortune. She might be out of work and poor, but she has a real home in the city she loves.

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  • I would say she is quite lucky to have some years of freedom in her RV. She may not be able to travel, but it is better than being stuck in an airless apartment!

  • Lately iam out of job and like your idea to live in rv , how is possible can park any where is free in vancouver area
    Best regards

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