Windshield Wiper Blade Treasure Hunt

Yesterday, somewhere between the sushi place and my mother’s house, Moya mysteriously lost a windshield wiper blade. I discovered this just as I pulled in last night. It was pouring rain by this point and getting dark, so I was not going back out for it.

It poured hard again today, but finally cleared after dinner. I decided to go for a walk to retrace my route last night to see if I could find the darn wiper. I did!!! And then I had to install it. What a learning curve all over again!

Tomorrow, I have to see about changing that burnt out bulb, if I can find one in Chambly. I haven’t been able to locate an auto parts place in less than a 10KM radius, which is way further than I want to drive with a burnt out headlight, especially on major roads.

Research tells me that the switch out of a headlight bulb in a Ranger is easy peasy, but I had a look under the hood tonight and, um, no. My assembly looks nothing like those in the videos I’ve seen. This could get interesting…

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  • Here the auto parts places will replace the headlight for free if you buy it from them. Might be worth checking out.

  • […] Not so yay for Moya losing a wiper blade down the interstate! This is the same driver’s side lost and found wiper blade from the last time that happened. I guess it just wasn’t meant to be enslaved to a vehicle. […]

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