Window Tinting

Putting in the window tinting only took about an hour. It was super easy!

I used a Gila Films product, 95% peel ‘n cling, product, available at Canadian Tire. It comes in a purple box. It’s the second darkest film there is. I wanted to let a bit of light through so the cats could still look outside.

The film has no adhesive. It sticks to a clean window to which a ‘window film solution’ has been added. I used what I had on hand, a mild shampoo and water solution. Avoid using ammonia-based cleaners since they will prevent the film from sticking.

I used a Youtube video to get some idea as to the best way to apply the film. Wet the glass with the solution, apply the film, trim carefully, wet the film, squeegee out the excess water, then sop up the water with a lint-free cloth. I like the result so much I am going to do at least the bottom part of my other windows with their lightest product.

Donna came by at one point and while I could see her through the film, she couldn’t see me! We are going to do the test at night with a couple of lights blazing to see if I’m a tad more visible then.

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