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Wandering Around Idaho (and Montana, Sort Of)

Coeur d’Alene is a small town whose main attraction are outdoor sports. There isn’t really anything touristy to do, like museums. I decided to spend my day in the area scouting ahead with the toad and then coming back by way of the scenic route around the lake.

The drive into Montana reminded me of just why I love driving stick. It’s very technical and the toad had fun zipping me up and down the mountains. I turned around in Saltese then came back to Kellog, Idaho, for lunch at the McDonalds so I could check my emails.

Kellog is an amusing-looking town. Some of the buildings seem to have been plucked straight out of Bavaria and others out of 1950’s America! I was most impressed by the aerial gondola ferrying people up the mountain since it starts right downtown.

Shortly after Kellog there was a road sign flashing “Boat inspection ahead! All vehicles hauling boats pull in!” I had the kayak on the roof, so I pulled in. Two kids (I swear they were of high school age; or I’m getting older!) asked me a few questions, the most pertinent of which was when and where was the last time the boat was in the water (August, Dawson City, YT). The purpose of the stop is to keep invasive species like zebra mussels from entering Idaho waters. I was given an inspection report and told to hang on to it ‘because cops like to hang out after the inspection station.’

Approaching Coeur d’Alene, there is a turnoff for a scenic by-way. I decide to go home that way, not having any idea of what this road would be like or how long. It wound up being VERY twisty; even though there are RV parks and campgrounds along it I would not want to do it in an RV! It also took me about an hour out of my way. I really enjoyed the climb up above the lake and into farmland. I eventually emerged about twenty minutes south of the casino just as the sun was setting.

Idaho, at least the northern part of the state, is very scenic!

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