Waiting on a New Computer

Purchasing a new main computer was not on my list of priorities for 2010. I was going to start considering it in 2011 and buy late in that year, or early in 2012. After all, I bought a brand new 24″ iMac in 2007, a computer I expected to serve me well for at least four years, which I then supplemented with a good notebook.

Without going into all the details, my iMac is slowing down; the fan went on the notebook needs replacing; having a notebook and a desktop computer and an iPod Touch is redundant; I finally conceded that a desktop computer does not fit in with my vision of the ideal RVing life; and my dream computer fell into my lap, albeit under sad circumstances.

So, here’s Angus, which should arrive within the week:

2009 17″ Macbook Pro

Going from a 24″ to a 17″ screen is probably going to be a shock, and the trackpad is going be an adjustment, but otherwise the change is a major upgrade and is especially sweet since I would never have been able to justify the purchase of 17″ model under any other circumstances.

This week, I’ve cleared the Powerbook and put it up on eBay and I’m now working at tidying up the iMac to make the transfer easier. I don’t want to use Migration Assistant since the iMac is experiencing some conflicts, so I’m making lists to aid in the manual transfer of files, apps, and preferences. I can’t believe how messy and cluttered the iMac is! I have gotten sloppy in my digital filing since moving to Macs since they have such a good search function.

Once everything is moved over to the Macbook Pro, I’ll clear out the iMac and put it up for sale. If I manage to sell both the iMac and the Powerbook, I should recoup at least two thirds of the cost of purchasing the Macbook Pro, which would definitely reduce the hit on my budget.

It’s going to be awesome to RV my way south this fall with my primary computer accessible at all times and internet access wherever there is cell service!

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  • “the trackpad is going be an adjustment” is the understatement of the century! I hate it more and more every day.

    I use a mouse, and would use the apple keyboard I bought except I love the MacPro keyboard better and I do use the pad for scrolling. If my hand hovers over the pad I don’t even need to touch down, but something always happens, it is so sensitive. I need to just get over the scroll feature and haul out the keyboard!

    I went from a 17″ screen on my desktop to a 15″ on the MacPro, as that was all I could afford at the time. But I’m used to it and my eyes can only take in so much at once. I know you must be excited about getting a new computer, and I hope it gives you more years of good service than you even plan for!

  • The iPod Touch has already taught me some of the preliminary gestures used on the trackpad, so I think I might have a slightly easier transition period than you. 🙂

    I hope that I will be able to get used to the 17″ size. I was going to buy a 15″, since that’s all I could justify buying (and barely), but I’m not saying no to the bigger one.

    I am excited about it even though I do have a measure of emotional attachment to the iMac.

  • I think Microsoft builds crappy software but it’s what you use in business. After I retired I decided to try a Mac – iMac desktop with optional wireless keyboard and mouse. Beautiful machine! So elegant.

    One year warranty, at 13 months my wireless mouse died. Shortly thereafter the keyboard joined it. At something under two years my DVD drive (don’t remember what Apple calls it, something like SuperDrive) started giving trouble. The display started being weird; looking on the Apple forums, this wasn’t unusual for the display I had. Then, the crowning indignity, the on-off switch started not working. And Apple actually had a workaround for it!!!! The on-off switch workaround was the final straw. WFT.

    I still think Microsoft writes crappy code but there are a ton of machine builders out there who are building absolutely GREAT machines. Apple is all about elegance and the machines are lovely but they also build their own machines. If you gave me one today, I’d put it on eBay with no reserve.

    Good luck with your new machine. Hope it didn’t come from the same Apple factory as mine!

  • You got a bad apple, pun intended, which is unfortunate. Apple is generally so robust and long lasting. Sure, they occasionally put out a lemon (like my Powerbook with a weak fan), but in the seven years I’ve been with Apple I’ve only had to have one machine repaired, and that was because of user error, not because it was almost ten years old when I bought it!

    Apple’s peripherals DO suck, that’s pretty much a consensus. I’ve used a Microsoft Wave keyboard and a Microsoft Mouse exclusively for about five years now! Each company has its own strengths. 😀

    It’s a SuperDrive because it’s a DVD/CD-R combo drive, btw. 🙂

    If someone sends you an Apple product as a gift, please send it my way!!! 😀

  • I’ve been using apple for close to ten years now and had no hardware problems yet. My first iMac is an old blue one made in about 1999 I think.

    My understanding is that their computers have become less reliable since they started making iPhones and the like. Ie they started lossing focus on straight computers. Hopefully that changes back again soon.

  • I love the name. I hope he arrives soon.

  • Me too!

    Especially since I reread the specs and realised that I won’t be stuck with a glossy screen! 😀

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