Sep 16, 2013 - Personal    7 Comments

Video On Adding Shelves In an RV Cabinet

This video segment was requested by reader Joni. Unfortunately, using the tripod she sent me didn’t work out for this video as I had to move around a lot, so the result is a tad (lot) shaky.

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  • Looks great!

  • Thank you! I have about 20 cabinets that will be greatly improved by adding shelves. This will take time, and now I have a guide.

    Rae, you just keep enriching my life!

  • Glad it helps! *HUGS*

    This is just one way of doing it. I saw another way on Youtube using wire shelves and pieces of wood. Depends on how the cabinet is built.

  • Small suggestion. If you find that the 2nd shelf does need a wee bit of support where the door catch is put a pencil size dowl rod there like a small table leg with a dab of glue. It’s not like it’s going to get hit or knocked around a lot but it will be braced by the first shelf.

  • I actually ended up Gorilla gluing a small piece of wood to the cabinet riser (putting it below the shelf to hold it), but your idea would work too. Thanks!

  • I’m surprised you have china dishes. And even have them loose on shelves. Don’t they fly around when you are traveling. All my stuff is in bins and there is absolutely no glass. Just curious. I have a truck camper.

  • In five years, the ONLY time I have lost any of my china and glass due to travel was when I was rear ended. The cabinet over the sink opened and part of the contents flew out. This was an exceptional event. Otherwise, things stay put. I do have some cushioned non-skid shelf liner on the shelves, but that’s it. I even use glass containers for food storage in my pantry.

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