Nov 25, 2012 - Personal    3 Comments

Verizon Is Still Awesome

I just got my latest Verizon bill and almost fainted from the shock: $270. I know that my current plan is $170 per month, but where did the other $100 come from? Ah, they backdated my data plan for the last billing period, even though that only gave me five days to use up 12GB!

Since they were so reasonable the last time I had a billing issue, I decided to call and ask them to adjust that $100 to reflect the amount of data I actually used.

I didn’t have to beg or plead or lay it on thick or anything. I just explained the facts as above, the dude put me on hold to get an authorization from a supervisor, and when he came back, $70 had been taken off my bill.

I made a reasonable request, had no problem paying what I genuinely owe, and they responded respectfully, logically, and fairly.

Meanwhile, I just about cried the last time I got off the phone with Telus.

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  • That’s so reassuring to hear. I haven’t has a problem with Verizon yet but it’s nice to know they listen when you do. I just keep bumping up my limits as I have discovered on-line TV shows makes these long evenings go better. 🙂

  • I still can’t believe that I can get 12GB with them for $100, with each additional GB being just $10! I will have exercise restraint, but I can live with those limits!

  • I agree. Never had a problem with Verizon. One phone call and reasonable adjustments were always made. They were always respectful and polite. Bell Canada could use some lessons from Verizon’s customer service too.

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