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Last night, I noticed that Miranda was listing on the passenger side and thought that she had perhaps sunk into the ground. But no. When I came out this morning, I discovered that the front passenger tire was flat as a pancake!!!

I asked around at work and was able to borrow an air compressor. That’s something I’ve been wanting to buy, but the one I want is a lot more money in Canada, so I planned to get it this winter. Anyway, this compressor I borrowed was perfect; 2 gallon tank, 125PSI, and, maybe most important, I could lift it!

The compressor was super easy to use. Just plug in, wait for it to stop making a racket, then apply the tip of the hose to the tire valve. Worked like a charm. Except that the reason my tire went flat was that the valve was kaput! So the air was rushing out as fast as it was going in.

Jody came to see me just as I got home and was messing with everything, so she was able to call Gary and ask him to bring a jack home so that I could at least get the weight off the wheel. But that wasn’t good enough for my wonderful host. Oh, no:

Yup. Gary loosened the tire nuts, got Miranda on the jack, slid blocks under her to stabilize the frame (yay, I’m level again!), took the tire off, and determined that the tire is okay but the inner tube is rotten. So, my plan went from getting a mobile tire repair place to come to me ($$$) to bringing my tire to a repair place this weekend, having Gary reinstall it, then taking it for torquing ($). But do you know what Gary did? He left with my tire to get it fixed tomorrow. Can you believe that man?!

And Jody isn’t much better! When she saw how depressed I was tonight (I had a day from hell, and it had nothing to do with my job), she said “I brought home pizza. Come and have some.” So I didn’t have to worry about dinner AND she sent me home with beer, two corn on the cob that I look forward to boiling for dinner tomorrow, and some muffins!

It is a wonder of the RVing life that it can make friends out of strangers so quickly. I continue to be so grateful to be here.

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  • One thing I’ve found in my short time on the road is that there are a lot of things that go wrong, or need fixing, but once they are done, you feel so whole again. And how nice to have friends who help – that’s the icing on the cake! 🙂

  • I recently started following your blog. I want the RV life too! It will happen one of these days.

  • Good friends are gold! Glad you had some near enough to be there for you.

  • Me too! I love living in the backyard of people who know lots of stuff about vehicle maintenance and repair!

  • Welcome, Paula from the beautiful land of sky-tinted water! Good luck achieving your RVing dreams!

  • I’ve noticed that bad things come in threes. So, light bulb and tire. Hopefully my out of province vehicle inspections were number three!

  • Inner tube??

    Are you certain that tire was intended to have an inner tube? I haven’t heard of an RV using tires with inner tubes in, oh thirty years or more. And tire manufacturers strongly recommend against putting an inner tube in a tubeless tire. (See for example http://www.wheels.ca/Article%20Category/article/227845). Folks who don’t know any better will sometimes do this in an attempt to deal with a persistent leak, but it’s likely to cause more problems than it solves.

    You might want to check the tire type and see whether it’s tubeless. If so, that inner tube needs to come out. And then whatever leak prompted some well-intentioned soul to put it there needs to be fixed.

  • Andy, I might have the term wrong, but, no, there’s nothing wrong with the tire, at least not as far as everyone who has looked at my tires has ever noticed. The reason I got a leak with this one was simply that the valve stem went bad. Fixed that and all was good. The structure of the tire is still sound.

  • I checked with Gary and he said that he was wrong, the tire does NOT have an inner tube. Rather it has a ‘high pressure valve stem’, and that’s what was leaking.

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