Two Good Electrical Days In a Row

Today is another day with more sun than expected. It’s chilly, but I’m not complaining!

I’m going to have the computer on charge all day since I’m in major backup mode. My MacBook Pro keeps crashing, so complete hard drive failure is imminent. I just need to decide on a new drive and order it; the choices are a little overwhelming. I want to make sure I have several recent Time Machine backups and two different bootable backups. It’s likely way more than I need, but with the current drive being only good for the dump, I want all the chances I can get to be up and running perfectly about four hours from the new drive making it here.

Power right now is at 88% and holding. I’m actually getting 7 to 8A in, so I’m breaking even. The more the batteries are depleted, the more efficiently the alternator charges them, so I’ll wait till about 4PM and then run the engine for a bit to make sure I’m at at least 90% capacity tonight and then I’ll aim for 100% tomorrow.

In other news, R and S from Colorado are back, so a beach party is imminent!

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  • Are you still thinking about one of the new SS drives? The only argument I can think of is the capacity. The largest I have seen are 256 GB. Maybe you could install two?

  • SSD isn’t even in the running, way too expensive; about 10 times the cost of a similar-sized regular drive. That’s a major downside!

    I found a 500GB WD drive that looks pretty good. It’s cheapest on Amazon (compared to OWC and New Egg). So I’ll probably go with that. Seagates are a little cheaper, but now that I know about their scheme for external drives (format some for Macs and sell them at a more expensive cost than for a Windows formatted drive), I’ll never buy from them again.

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