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Travels With Miranda Is Moving

This morning, the proverbial camel’s back broke as it regards webhosting for uskeba.ca and all its addon and subdomains, including the Travels With Miranda blog.

I am developing a new site, which I was working on this morning. Or, rather, trying to work on. My connection was literally cutting out every five minutes for several minutes.

The current webhost is Jumpline. They bought out the old host, 100 Megs Web Hosting. I was with 100 Megs for the better part of a decade and they were dependable. I don’t remember having server outages with them.

Jumpline is a terrible webhost that does not understand the product it is selling nor does it care about its customers. This morning, I filed a complaint about them with the Better Business Bureau for breach of contract.

One of my complaints is that Jumpline is refusing to refund me for the rest of the year of service I have paid for when they have amply demonstrated that there are neither able nor willing to provide for the service I am paying for.

The BBB has sent my complaint to Jumpline. I would not consider it below Jumpline to cut off my service without notice. I have a full backup of all my sites and am working with a new webhost to transfer me to more reliable servers. That part should be fairly effortless.

However, it can take 24 hours to transfer DNS information, that is what directs a domain name to a particular ISP. So there is going to be so inevitable downtime in the next week or so.

I may not be able to provide notice that the blog is going down. Please visit Twitter or Facebook for updates if the blog is down. You don’t need to be a member of either service to access the Travels With Miranda accounts on them.

My email will also be down during this transition time and I would appreciate not receiving emails informing me that the blog is down or that it is back up as I can monitor everything from my control panel.

I will continue to post as usual to Travels With Miranda until the last possible second and except for the 24 hours of downtime during DNS redirection, readers will not be affected by this move as the URL is not changing.

Thank you for your patience during this transition period. You all mean the world to me.

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  • They say it can take up to 24 hours or more, but DNS now updates frequently enough that most readers will never notice a delay at all. I’ve moved many websites over the last decade or more, and it is a much easier and smoother endeavor now than it used to be. Usually by the time I’ve changed the IP address in the domain name registration, and do a hard refresh in my browser, the new location is alreading showing up. So, hope all goes well. Best wishes for a smooth server move! 🙂

  • We’ll be here when you’re back. May I ask who you’re going to have host the site in the future?

  • Thanks for that, Fern.

    Last time I bought a new domain, which I think was full-time-rving-in-canada.ca, at the end of 2010, it took the full 24 hours for the site to appear.

    airmon, I am going to try http://www.site5.com/

  • If you have full control of your DNS server, you can decrease the cache time before the planned move, then increase it back after the move.

    Unfortunatly some ISP DNS resolvers ignore cache time and cache for weeks anyway, so can still give bad answers more than a month after a move. 🙁

  • I don’t have such control unfortunately. 🙁

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