Tough Decisions

I spoke with a glass tech this morning and my worst fear was confirmed, Miranda needs a new windshield. Estimate is $750 to $1,000. They don’t have a windshield here in Fort St John, but there is one in Fort Nelson. All well and good, but getting that kind of money is going to take me a week, as add a week’s worth of campground fees to the estimate. He said that he’d take a chance and drive it to Dawson and back to Whitehorse in the fall for the replacement. The odds of getting another rock like that are slim, but the odds of the cracks spreading are good; one of them definitely spread over night (it went down to minus 5!). My visibility isn’t affected, so that’s one good thing.

At this point, I feel so sick I can’t even think. I know this needs to be done now, I just can’t figure out how it’s going to happen NOW.

Post edited to add:

I’ve decided to move on to Fort Nelson and re-evaluate. I will check in again soon as I can.

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  • That’s a tough one to call. The crack might not spread at all – but you never know. Can’t they do a temp fix with epoxy, or something? Good luck.

  • If you can make it up to Dawson the way it is, you will have all winter to save $ for the replacement. The windshield will not actually break into pieces and fall out, that is not the way safety glass is made. If you can see to drive and no major crack actually crosses your line of vision, it is legal to drive.

    If not and if you are stopped you can always use the “blink, blink, “It just happened yesterday, officerandI am on my way to the glass place now” blink, blink.

  • I just checked the cost of replacing our windshield here in Campbell River last year and it was $545. My insurance deductible was $500 so I did not bother making a claim. There must be cheaper places to get it done up there. Most glass places have two price lists. One if you are paying yourself and another if they are billing an insurance company. It is always cheaper if you are paying yourself and they do not have to wait two months for the cheque.

  • If you can wait and have it done in the USA, I suspect it would be well under $500. You might be able to check online. We had the old motorhome done in Idaho three years ago and I think it was around $300 – $350. There should be a windshield number printed in one corner.

  • Well damn doesn’t that suck and bring on unneccesary worry. I like all of Croft’s ideas, don’t jump the gun just yet!

  • If you have Comprehensive Insurance, it should pay for the windshield.
    I have it with $100 deductible, and it doesn’t cost that much.
    It is Collision (which covers your vehicle if YOU run into something) that costs the big bucks.
    I hope you find out that your windshield is insured.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  • Penny, there is NO glass coverage for vehicles insured in Yukon. Everyone has huge cracks in their windshields here!

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