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I just stumbled onto this wonderful tribute to Canada:

I’ve been almost everywhere mentioned and shown in this video (!) and I have to admit that tears welled up when I got to the segment about the ‘favourite place in the Gatineau Hills’ with its shots of beautiful Wakefield, Quebec, the village I called home for four years. There’s even a reference to Campbell River and an obscure reference to Dawson (midnight looking like high noon on the Dome!).

There have been a lot of songs written about Canada, but this is definitely the most all-encompassing one I’ve found. It tells me that I have fulfilled one of my RVing goals, to see as much of Canada as I have of the US, and reminds me that there are so many wonders back east for me to share with my readers. I’ll get back there eventually! 🙂

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  • Rae, that is a beautiful tribute. Thanks for sharing.

  • Awesome!

    It is nice where I am, but we are very eager to get home to it too!!

  • I loved all the shots of familiar places! The one that had me squealing was the long one of the brown motel with yellow lettering. You have no idea how many times over four years I told people “Okay, you’ll get to an intersection with (that) motel with yellow lettering in front of you. Turn left. You’re a third of the way there!” 😀

  • Brown Motel – Do you mean the Tulip Valley Motel? There was lots of shots from Wakefield. Love that place.
    When you come back east, stop by. And you have to go all the way to the Rock. Great province, not very well known.

  • Yup, the Tulip Valley Motel! I jumped out of my chair when I saw it! So many shots of Wakefield; loved the sign for the 105/366 junction.

    When I go back east, I’ve decided it’s going to be for a full tour. I can’t wait to see the Rock; it’s the only province I haven’t been to yet!

    I think the only reference to Halifax was Pier 21. I’ll be darned, I’ve been there, too. 😀

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