Thinking of a Later Departure

I was up at quarter to 8 this morning with the intention of going straight to work finishing up my departure prep, but we’re sitting at about minus nine, probably more with windchill. Unbelievable. Everything is frozen solid. Leaving without empty holding tanks and a full fresh water tank isn’t an option since I’m going to be dry camping for a week.

At least, the sun is out!!!!!

At this point I’m thinking of pushing the start of my prep to about ten since the sun is coming out and we’ve already gained a degree and get on the road for noon. That puts me in Abbotsford no earlier than five, which is sundown, but probably six, which is nighttime. I don’t relish arriving in the dark, but so long as I can be on the Transcanada in daylight it’ll be okay since I’ve been to Tradex a couple of times. I also made sure to download their parking lot map and also scope out the satellite map, so I know exactly where I’m going. I don’t even need to program the GPS. Plus, I’m headed to an airport so I expect there will be a lot of lighting!

I didn’t run any heat last night (except for the one conduction heater) since I wanted to keep the dregs of the on board tank to get this place toasty in the morning. When I got up, it was about 10 in here. BRR. Now, I’ve got the heat cranked up and I’ll let it go till the propane runs out, at which point it’ll probably be time to go down to the office and fill up anyway.

This morning really sucks. We were supposed to be sitting at plus fourish, at which point I would have been out right now puttering around. Thankfully the Fraser Valley is several degrees warmer. I want to avow that this is my last time in the Okanagan in winter, but I know that I have little control over where the vagaries of fate take me.

Interior prep is delighting me. I only have a few things to take down or put away, and my computer set up is such that putting it away for the road is no longer a huge production. I’ll finally be able to live while traveling the way that I do when I’m settled.

Well, I’m up. Might has well have another coffee and get some work done…

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