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The Zinio Digital Magazine Subscription Giveaway!

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Living in an RV where weight is a concern, print magazines are a rare treat that usually get passed on to someone else. But thanks to the iPad, I can enjoy digital issues of magazines and even keep them for future reference. I love having dozens of different magazines on hand for times when I have a long enough wait to need a way to pass the time, but am surrounded by too many distractions to really concentrate on a book.

So I was really excited when zinio.com emailed to ask me to showcase their latest promotions.

Zinio is a virtual newsstand offering digital editions of more than 5,000 popular magazines. These magazines can be read on a number of devices including the Apple iPad, all devices running Android, Windows 8, the Kindle Fire, as well as your computer browser. So if you are reading this blog, you are able to enjoy a Zinio magazine subscription.

As for the Z-Pass service, it’s currently only available to US residents, although international availability is forthcoming. Here’s the scoop:

-You get 3 magazines for $5/month

-Your magazines can change from month to month

-There is no commitment

-You get one month free

Or you might be interested in their limited time 5 issues for $5 promotion, valid until July 26th and available worldwide.

Zinio is giving me a free subscription in exchange for showcasing this new promotion, but even better, I have EIGHT other subscriptions to give away to readers anywhere in the world!

If you are interested in getting an absolutely free digital magazine subscription through Zinio, let me know in the comments. Each comment will be assigned a number based on the order in which the comments are received and then eight numbers will be picked randomly.

The winners will need to provide me with their full name, email address, and the name of the magazine to which they want to subscribe. There are no strings attached and you will not be asked to provide credit card information.

This contest is open for until August 6th and the winners will then have 10 days to send me the required information. Good luck!

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  • I do want to add that not all subscriptions can be read on all devices. But I love Zinio!

  • I am interested in participating in the magazine subscription contest.
    Good luck to all!!

  • That sounds wonderful…thanks for letting everyone know about this offer! I would definitely like to be included in the contest. I am really happy for you that you have finally worked out your internet situation. I don’t feel as if my day is complete unless i read your newest post! Thanks again for sharing your interesting, authentic life!

  • Thanks for that heads up, Bast!

    Geri and Sheri (hee!) your names are in the proverbial hat. Sheri, thank you for the sweet comments. I’m sure TWM is better for you than crack. 😉

  • Rae-
    You’re gonna need a bigger hat because I’d love to jump in to this awesome promo 😀

  • Would love to try this service. Thanks!!!

  • I’d like to give them a try, is the subscription for just one month?

  • You’re very welcome, Rae!

  • Oh man, I’m not sure if I could ever part with all my back issues of Fine Woodworking. I’d like to think it’s my only (obvious) vice. That’s my excuse anyway.
    Not sure what it is, but there’s something about getting that new magazine every two months that’s hard to describe. The smell, the look.
    Print media isn’t quite dead at our house I’m afraid.
    Which isn’t to say we don’t have a ‘media reading device’, but it only comes out during travel.
    Have fun with the contest.

  • Merikay a digital subscription is just like a print subscription. So it depends on the magazine you choose. Some have one issue, some have 6 or 12 or …

  • Please add me to your chapeau. Would love to give an online magazine a try.

  • I’d also like a free magazine subscription. Thanks.

  • I’d like to enter, please!

  • I am interested in the magazine subscription drawing! Thanks!!!

  • Fantastic giveaway, Zinio are great! 🙂

  • Please enter me in your drawing. I have used Zinio in the past. They are a great way to get magazines 🙂

  • Hi Rae! Please add my name to the Zinio drawing. It’s nice to see things are working out for you in Haven.

  • Rae please add me to your drawing!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Would love to enter to win!! 🙂

  • […] Zinio magazine subscription contest will end at 12:01AM on August […]

  • I love Zinio! I have just a few mags so for, but I really want to increase my reading library!

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