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The Verdict On the Truck

Before I get into what happened to the truck, I want to say that having a used vehicle is a fairly new experience for me. I used to have an ancient Honda back in the day, but since 2004, I’ve had new vehicles, plus the motorhome that came with a full maintenance history. So I’m used to being able to budget for vehicle maintenance.

What happened yesterday has taught me that the $50 I’ve been putting aside each month for truck maintenance isn’t going to be enough and I need to adjust the budget. I’m just glad this happened before I started to spend a lot of time enjoying New Orleans.

The problem with the truck really isn’t that major. The throttle cable broke and the whole assembly needs cleaning.

$76.28 for the part
$163.50 for the labour
$59.99 for the cleaning
Total: $300, plus tax (Mom thinks that’s highway robbery, but I’d rather pay the Ford shop premium and get the job done right)

They will only be able to order the part on Monday and get the truck back to me Tuesday.

Add in:
$90 for the tow
$40 per day for the car x 5 days = $200 (but they might adjust me down to the weekly rate which is a little cheaper)

Total: at least $600.

Needless to say, I am scaling down my New Orleans plans drastically. 🙁 I am only going to be doing a self-walking tour, a guided city bus tour, and a guided swamp tour. That’s better than nothing, but don’t expect any major restaurant reviews as I am going on the peanut butter diet (figuratively speaking) for a few days to avoid adding any more debt. But I can at least be satisfied that I can weather this crisis, albeit uncomfortably!

Now, it’s 11:30 and the city tour I want to take starts at 1:30, so I am going to call to see if it’s too late to make it! They do hotel pickup, but that won’t work for me out here in the wonderful swampy boonies, so I may have to get closer to New Orleans, something that could take me an hour. If I can’t get on this afternoon’s tour, I will book for the 9:30AM one tomorrow and just go explore the French Quarter this afternoon. I’m so grateful to have gotten the news about the truck early enough to salvage the day.

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  • I will get the first comment in. $300 ($600 if you add everything) is a lot for the repair. BUT it is only 2 – 3 month’s payments on a new vehicle. And payments on a new vehicle do not stop, they are month after month. Just sayin’.

  • Rae…Use the info from the Chamber of Commerce or visitors center….you can guide yourself around New Orleans…We’ve been several times and the people are very helpful when asking for directions…or what to see…The major restaurants are so expensive that most people can’t afford them…but you can get a “taste” of the cajun food for almost nothing at the mom and pop places…and those are usually the best places to eat anyway….I NEED a trip to NOLA soon!!!!….Have fun! I’m not jealous…happy for you…just would love to be there too!!!

  • I’m sorry to hear you are still putting repairs on your truck. I always find it frustrating to put money on a car but then, I have to remind myself that my car take me places.

    My dad recommended me a long time ago to put $100 aside each month for a used vehicle. He says it’s usually $1,200 a year for maintenance and repairs and if you don’t pay it one year, you’re guaranteed to pay it the next. I found it very true for the last 6 years. I still have my original 2001 civic and know exactly how it was taken care of so not many surprises.

    I hope you still get to enjoy New Orleans. I know how long you have wanted to go there and remember the year Katrina it and you had to re-route your vacation.

  • Julie, good to hear from you! I had the same idea about putting money aside each month, but I didn’t put enough. Live and learn.

    (I can’t believe your car is a 2001. I remember it being practically new!)

    NOLA has been worth the 8 years it took me to get here! 🙂

  • […] The hiccup is that I have the money to get back to Saskatchewan from here ($600ish), but it could cost me upwards of $1,200 to get to BC through Nevada and California, then up into Oregon and Washington. I just don’t have an extra $600 right now. As you might remember, I gave my truck $600 in New Orleans. […]

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