The Situation Goes From Bad to Much, Much, Much, Much Worse

L is in the process of repairing the grey water line. Not a problem, that’s going well. There is a but coming.

All that time under the rig has enabled him to get his bearings and he was able to find proof that the blowout caused the exhaust pipe problem because there are skid marks on the bottom of the black water tank.

And not only that… the heat wicked up the top of the black water tank and there is a fist-sized hole in the very top of it.

I think I’ve earned the right to go cry now. I don’t think I even need an estimate on what it’s going to cost to pull and replace my black tank to warrant shedding a few (lots of) tears because we all know it’s going to be beaucoup bucks.

I’m so depressed.

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  • OUCH!!!!! 🙁

  • Aww sorry to hear that Rae. 🙁

  • Since our beloved Rae is distraught and forgotten how much we love her, everyone remember this link from earlier

    and click donate. Let’s knock her socks off!


  • Thank you, *HUGS*

    I’m just feeling so overwhelmed right now. It’s just too much all at once. I don’t talk about my finances in great detail, but I think it needs to be made very clear that I am really having a string of bad luck that just won’t end. I just can’t get ahead and I am sinking really fast. The decision to go to the seminar in June was a really bad one financially.

    I’m not going to name names, but I have had a couple of really generous donations that have helped immensely. If it wasn’t for this holding tank issue, I would be on firm ground today. But the carpet just got yanked from under me again. Later, I will post photos of the black water tank so everyone can faint.

  • Sorry to hear of your difficulties. Hope things can be fixed in time for your return home. I’ve heard you can get anything from Elkhart Indiana. Perhaps your friend could order the tank, have it shipped overnight, and install it for you? Things have to get better for you… don’t they?!

  • Raw…I’m so so sorry. You’ve always traveled being so frugal and then to have all these latest mishaps! Just stinks..hoping something good on your horizon. Thanks for turning me onto those Shunpiker Guides…they are perfect.

  • Thanks, cozygirl. Glad you’re enjoying the Shunpiker guides!

  • Somehow I missed this post!

    Try your insurance. The blowout was caused by some road hazard and did damage to the waste tanks. It “might” be covered if you have collision coverage.

  • My deductible is $1,000. So there’s no point in making a claim.

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