The Non-Repair of the Fresh Water Intake



Obvious solution: remove all hose and run new, which involves removing panels and manoeuvering in very tight quarters.

Repair difficulty level: medium

Effort level: extreme

Cost: $$ to $$$

Not so obvious solution:


Repair difficulty level: easy

Effort level: minimal

Cost: 2$, including tax, at Canadian Tire (provided someone leaves you a perfectly good piece of otherwise useless potable hose)

How does one fill the tank?


Just screw a potable water hose hooked up to a potable water supply to this new fresh water intake.

When not in use, place a baggie over the new intake and secure with a rubber band.

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  • Pretty ingenious Rae!

  • Thank you!

    Plumbing is something that inspires great creativity in me. 🙂

  • You might get a shut off valve for the end, then you can just shut the valve off for further drip proofing when not filling, yet still have the end available for easy connect. (and keep your eye out for a discarded white hose to ensure rubber flavour free water.

  • I don’t get it.

  • Donna: I have a shut off valve ready for installation, but it’s so far been too much work to install. 🙂 The green(actually turquoise) hose is, believe it or not, a potable water hose just like the white hose. I have plenty of white hose to cut up, but none with that quick connect at the end, so the green hose will do.

    1001 Petals: RVs have two different ways to hook up water. One is for when you’re on hookups; it feeds water from the tap through your rig. The other is for filling the holding tank, from which water will be pumped into the rig when not on hookups. A hose leads from the tank to the exterior of the rig where I can plug in a hose to fill in the tank. I melted that hose leading from the tank to the plug. So, what I did was redirect the intake of the fresh water tank from the original hose that I killed to my new hose.

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