Jun 26, 2009 - Canada, Travel, Yukon    1 Comment

The Ninth Ave and Lookout Trails

Dawson has a fabulous mostly level cross-town trail called the ‘Ninth Ave Trail’, thusly named because it runs parallel to Eighth Avenue, the last road before the Dome. The Ninth Ave Trail ends at Mary McLeod Road. Kitty corner to the left from the end of the trail is the beginning of the Lookout Trail (just before the yellow sign). This gently sloping trail takes you up to the Lookout (hence the name), which offers a more intimate view of Dawson and the Yukon River than does the view from the very top of the Dome. I’ve been up this trail a few times and never grow weary of it as it offers an almost jungle-like experience before emerging into the open Lookout. From the top, you can continue up to the Slide, and from the Slide, you can reach the Dome’s summit.

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1 Comment

  • […] the first part of the hike was easy, one I’ve done several times before; Ninth Ave trail to the Lookout. From there, we proceeded to the Slide, which is where things became ‘fun’ (depending […]

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