Mar 31, 2010 - Homemaking, Personal, Renovating    7 Comments

The ‘Front Room’ Needs a Better Name

This is the ‘front room’, post-makeover, as seen from the entrance. The other half of it isn’t much to look at since it’s still empty. 🙂

So, I have a study, a dressing room, a toilet room, a kitchen, a loft, a cockpit, and a basement. What should I call the renovated portion of the front room? Dining room is too formal and anyway I don’t eat there. Living room isn’t accurate; I do most of my living in the study. Den isn’t quite right; to me a den is a cozy room with a door where you watch tv. Lounge doesn’t fit my personality. 99% of my books are stored there and I will be putting in a reading chair; is library too snobby? Nah! The library it is!

And there you have it folks. Miranda is now officially an RV that suits my lifestyle and priorities. She is as close to perfect as I could have ever dreamed. It’s funny how I used to believe that I needed a vast home with rooms to lose myself into and have found my most functional space to measure less than 130 square feet. Once you distill your life to the 20% that is essential and build around it you will find it to be much richer and that you can be satisfied with a lot less.

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  • Great progress, and finally the home it needs to be where ever you need it to be! What could be better??!!!
    Congratulations 🙂

  • It looks great from the pictures. I agree about not wanting more space than you need.

  • Tu as vraiment bien travaillé. Pour ce qui est du nom je te suggère Main Entrance
    car je pense que c’est la pièce qui est la plus près de la porte où peut-être le LABO
    si là ou tu cuisines fais tous tes bricolages. Joyeues Pâques

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  • I vote for the Salon ( le Salon) :o)

  • Lucie, that’s pretty much what it is. 🙂

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