The Entrance and Kitchen Before & After, and the Creation of a Library

There is nothing more satisfying than bringing a vision, and a dream, to life. I wanted my rig to look like a cute, cozy cottage; for it to be bursting with colour and life and to be truly reflect how I live. The front part of the rig, which encompasses the entrance, the kitchen, and what is now the library has come together just as I had hoped it would. This space is perfect and I cannot wait to start enjoying it!

First, the entrance stairwell. Before, it looked smashing… until it started to get water damage and serious abuse:

I used what I had on hand to make it more functional:

The back piece is a panel that I can pull out to access the water pump. It’s made of a piece of styrofoam, for extra insulation.

This is what the front part of the rig looked like at purchase:

dinette and lounge would become the library

and the kitchen:

And now:

(just need to recover the chair this spring!)
landing strip and entrance hook for purse and coat
one of several cabinets filled with books 🙂
more books; so it’s not silly to call this space the library! 🙂

painted cabinets with pulls

space tailor-made for the carpet cleaner

over fridge cabinet now has a pull (horizontal to match the original screw holes)

lovely and functional kitchen

loft is hidden

but still fits in when the curtains are open

Just as I was writing up this post, Donna came for a chat. She perched on the kitchen stool and I sacked out on the lounge chair and I rediscovered a more ‘normal’ way to live. 😀

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  • Thanks for sharing your pictures, your home is so cute! And I really like the yellow. Good job!

  • You made my day by calling my home ‘cute’! 😀 Thanks!

  • I definitely call it cozy too. It was very comfortable to just casually chat in the library. It is so truly a home on wheels, not just an RV. Well done indeed!

  • I just loved that you arrived the second I finished putting the room together! Your time is always impeccable!

  • 😀 so I’ve been told. LOL

  • You have done an excellent job and given Miranda a very homey feel. She is now so warm and inviting the before pictures almost feel sterile.

  • As Donna said when she came over, I took the RV out of my cottage. Or something along those lines. I really wanted it to look like a ‘home’ rather than an ‘RV.’

  • It has been very rewarding to watch the remodel unfold over the past few years. You have given me and I am sure others the insite that RVs do need to be factory sterile but can indeed be very inviting homes. There are even ideas to make any living space cozy.

  • Joan, just wait for that ugly black chair to be the orange throne you insisted I have! 😀

  • […] project it is to make it look nice and still be water tight. It’s much, much better than the last attempt to improve it, but still not particularly […]

  • Awesome transformation. Very ingenious way to personalize your living space. Well done!

  • Thank you!

  • Hi Rae! I love how you have renovated your RV. Do you sleep in the loft? And if yes, do you use a step stool or other device to get up there? I would love to have an RV like you have designed. Do you have lamps on the walls in your office for lighting? Thank you for sharing your ideas, they have made my day.

  • Hi, Pat. Thanks for your comment. Yes, I sleep in the loft and use a ladder ( I use the stock RV lights in the office — there are two on the ceiling and a couple under the cabinets.

    You can see a video tour of my RV that was done two years ago. The RV hasn’t changed much since then, but I no longer have my cats. 🙁

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