The Deed is Done

I think that only an RVer can appreciate how much work is needed to pull out of a spot just to go dump. I was completely packed up, unplugged, and fed by 5:30. Jody had said she’d arrive ‘sometime after six’ so I curled up in the back with a novel and my two kitties to wait. She arrived around 6:15 and with very little fanfare helped me out of my spot. I then headed downtown on nearly clear roads. I love driving the rig by itself!

The dump station at the Chinkook Travel Centre was super easy to get into. It’s not a bad setup, but their dumps are about three inches off the ground so waste can back up the hose which was to be an issue…

I went into the rig to flush with clean water, misjudged my angle of approach with the jug, and ended up having to mop up two inches of clean water off the toilet room floor. But at least the black tank was empty! And my floor is clean!

I then went out to flush the grey. Before I could do that, I somehow dislodged the hose from the piece that screws onto the motorhome and, wham, I had a small mess on my hands because the hose was still full, and no hose handy for rinsing except for my white one! I decided to deal with the sewer hose first, screwing it back onto the connector properly, and then I spent about five minutes guiding the contents down towards the dump. Once the hose was empty I pulled on the grey valve to flush and that happened uneventfully. This was by far the worst dump I’ve done since Kapuskasing!

Thanking my lucky stars that I had no witnesses (at least, I hope), I moved the rig ahead away from the mess and spent about ten minutes washing the pad clean with gallon after gallon of fresh water. Satisfied that all was good, I packed up and headed back to Jody and Gary’s arriving around 7:30. I’d been gone only an hour!

Jody and I had a little snack and gab while waiting for Gary to come home. When he did, he wasted no time getting me settled back in. Since we wanted Miranda in the exact spot I was in two hours previously and there were tire ruts to guide us it was very easy to get me back in. We set up my porch and then I reconnected everything.

Neelix was unimpressed by this exercise. Soon as we pulled in front of the house to park and wait for Gary he did his little “Mom!” meow as though to say “Wait, we were just here!” Tabitha seems to have napped during the whole event, though.

Well, it’s been a day I’ve been dreading, but it’s done and I know I won’t have to do this again for another six weeks!

By which point I plan to have mortgaged the rig to buy a macerator pump… 😀


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  • I had visions of somehow tying in to the sewer line at our house that I knew came out from our basement on it’s way to the road. Only thing was, I also knew just how friggin’ deep it was, and at the time there was a living Elm tree directly above. The elm tree has subsequently died (very sad) and has been removed down to the stump. Doesn’t matter, the macerator pump idea is probably heaps cheaper and easier in the long run. A few years back I discovered that one could dump at the local waster treatment plant. Just had to know where to find it, and hours of use. That was the trickiest part.
    Mind you, I sold our motorhome just about a year ago (also sad) so having to think of these challenges is a bit of a moot point. Luckily I had never experienced any adverse scenarios with either the stinky slinky or any other flushing issues.
    At the time it would have never occurred to me to give a blow by blow description in a blog. I think a person’s brain gets rewired once you enter blog land. Fun to read just the same….and, for the uninitiated, a source of very good info.
    Oh, and if you can go six weeks? Man, I’m impressed.

  • Hm, seems I couldn’t decide between “water” and “waste” and ended up putting “waster”. Didn’t even catch it in proof reading. *sigh*

  • Six weeks! When we had our Class C we were lucky to go six days! You must be doing something right.

  • Bob, ‘waster treatment’ is pretty funny. 😀

    Bob and Linda, six weeks is very doable when you’re on your own! I can go even longer if I have a job and am not using my own toilet several times a day!

  • Ah yes, you see, when you get to be my age that, my dear, will all change. And that’s all I want to say about “going to the bathroom” when you hit the half century mark. Or beyond. I’m happy for you.

  • Bob: LMAO

  • […] I’m parked for about six months with no sewer hookup. Even if I had a macerator system to pump into a toilet ($$$) I don’t have a toilet to pump into. So, I planned on pulling out every six weeks or so to dump. The problem is that the dump is 20km away round trip and getting in and out of this spot is quite a …! […]

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