The Chasm to Lake McLeese

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This day was like the one from Thunder Bay, starting off great, with no warning of the disaster to come.

I hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in about a month, so imagine my shock on Monday morning when I discovered I’d slept ten hours straight! The chasm turned out to be a great spot for a good night’s sleep, being pitch dark and blessedly quiet.

This was my first time ever waking up somewhere that did not require me to be out by a certain time, not counting Revelstoke that required me to leave because of my non-existent battery issues. I took my time, savouring the crisp, cold morning. I had fretted about how to get out of the site without unhooking, finding the turn to be very sharp for an RV, but the The Milepost, my bible for this journey, kindly informed me that Chasm Road loops back to the 97 highway.

I stopped just 30km from the Chasm to climb up to Begbie Summit, where there is a fire watch station. This was a 10 minute hike that told me that I really need to do more of these if I want to be ready for the Chilkoot. 🙂

My next stop was for lunch at the 108 Mile Ranch site. I’d topped up the groceries at the Save-On-Foods at 100 Mile House, so I had a very nice picnic.

My water levels were getting low, my tanks were getting full, my house battery was ready for a bit of juice, and I had a mountain of laundry to do. So, I decided that a night on full hookups was in order.

Using the Milepost, I determined that the McLeese Lake Resort, between Williams Lake and Quesnel, would be a good place to stop as it boasted full hook-up sites, easy RV access, and wi-fi.


This was a beautiful resort, but really not made for RVs over the size of a class B. I took a turn too sharply to get into my site and clipped the post holding the water outlet, then drove straight over it with the toad. Miranda has a nice scrape down the side of the battery compartment door and one of its closures is dented.

Damage at the site looked really bad and the owners thought they would need to call in for a backhoe to get to the underground leak. I was told that I was looking at a 500$+ repair bill. They were very nice about the whole thing, but I was beyond mortified and freaking out. My trip was over if the bill came to fruition; I’d have to dash straight to Whitehorse to get work.

Several hours passed as I did laundry, puttered around the house, and otherwise tried to keep myself occupied as I waited for the final verdict.

Finally, the groundskeeper came around to announced that he got to the leak with just a couple of spadefuls. As it turned out, the water hose was just that, a flexible hose, not a pipe, and all I’d done was rip a connection apart. It was a two minute repair. As for the post, it seemed pretty rotten and did not factor into the equation when they came up with a bill for me–50$ for the inconvenience and labour. Fair enough. *relieved*

The people at the resort were just so nice about the whole thing. I paid them in cash last night, but still went into the office this morning to make sure that everything was okay. The manager took me around the outside of the office and showed me where someone had just about taken the roof off the porch with their rig! I could tell that she was trying to make me feel better and it worked somewhat. She told me I’m welcome back anytime, but I’m not going back there!

The resort is absolutely gorgeous. I had a nice spot by the water, something that enchanted the kitties. But the ‘pull through’ site was barely so and their wi-fi is WEP encrypted so I couldn’t get on. So, while my night there wasn’t a complete and utter disaster, it won’t bring back pleasant memories. 🙂

Now, photos… The new laptop does not have iPhoto, the app that let’s me create photo galleries with just the push of a button. Turns out this app was part of a bonus app suite included on the iMac and I would need to pay 90$ to get the suite for the laptop. Doubtful this is going to happen. I should technically be able to upload large quantities of photos using the flash uploader for WordPress, but the stupid thing is broken again. *rolls eyes* So, I have tons and tons of photos to upload, a fantastic internet connection, but not enough time to manually code pages. *sighs*

So, we’re going the old fashioned and sucky route. You can browse the pictures in the directory by clicking on each one manually. You will see pictures of Mount Begbie, 108 Mile Ranch, Williams Lake (59 and 60), and McLeese Resort. The picture of food cooking is a secret message to my former boss. Thanks for the bag, it was delish! Photo 61 is of Tabitha being absolutely enchanted by the waves on the lake. Check out her perch, LOL!

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  • You will have to start doing as we learned in Mexico. Unless you can clearly see what the layout of a park is before you drive in, park on the street and walk through the park to check out clearances before you commit yourself. Mexican RV parks are smaller than most Canadian parks and we ended up taking the car and dolly off before we parked nine times out of ten.

    Nice to be back on the road, eh? I envy you.

  • *bangs head on desk* Yes, I know, I know, I know! I know! 🙂 I don’t need a lecture, I need sympathy! 😀

    Great to be back on the road!!!!!!!!!

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