Oct 16, 2012 - Batteries, Electricity, Technical    5 Comments

The Battery Monitor Works!

I lost 120V power early this morning, so I had a chance to confirm that my 12V system and battery monitor were working properly.

Had I not had the battery monitor, I would have been very confused and frustrated since all my battery readings put me at about 11.5V, or a completely depleted battery! But the battery monitor was a lot smarter, telling me I had about 99% capacity and could keep going for about 29 hours at my current rate of consumption!

As for what was on, two LED lights, two regular bulbs, the fridge (switched to propane), and the water pump. I was drawing about 6AMPs. I decided to confirm that standard RV bulbs are power suckers and switched one off. My power consumption immediately dropped by a full two amps!

This informal little experiment has confirmed that switching to all LED bulbs will pay for itself quickly!

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  • So I went back to March of 2011 to read about the lamps you got from LED trailer lights.com, and as I’m reading through the comments, I began to think, “Hey, that sounds familiar”.
    Well, that’s because I hadn’t at first noticed that the comment was from me. Talk about being slightly dense.
    Um, and so yes, it was from the National Enquirer. I forgot to check back and offer you your “bonus points”.
    They’re of absolutely no value whatsoever, trust me, but fun to “give out” anyway. It sometimes works that way with useless trivia.

  • Yay for battery monitors that work! Hope my new one does as well when I pick up my new RV in 2 weeks.

  • Hi Rae,
    It’s great to see things work right when they’re suppose to.
    Another great job. 😉

  • Rae,
    I answered your skillet/fat question of Sep 21st on that date as a reply.

  • Great Blog, we spent the summer, 1 month, out west and we camped up in the mountains during the hot days for free, with our solar panels. Very Fun, can’t wait to stay longer next year.

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