My wonderfully awesome friends Ken and Donna gave me their US Verizon cell phone that can be used as an internet modem. A lot of money, several phone calls to tech, and about five hours later, I’m finally online with a connection similar to what I get with my internet key in Canada. I also have a US phone number. I am shocked by how easy the activation process was. I know that a few short years ago, I would have needed a US credit card and SSN. Today, they were able to run a Canadian credit check (must have been good since I didn’t need to make a deposit) and all they wanted beyond that was a US address, which I was able to give them since my best friend told me I could use hers.

Getting on was so hard that I’m afraid to log off! But I badly need groceries. I spent some time trying to find the nearest grocery store when I remembered that I am parked at a Super Walmart. Doh.

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  • We love our Verizon phones. We get great reception almost everywhere and with the Nationwide +Canada Family plan it is so inexpensive for us that we have given up our Canadian phones and only keep our Canadian internet key.

  • Donna used her Verizon phone in Canada for a long time. I may do the same if they let me suspend the data plan for the summer. I really like the number they gave me; I memorized it right away!

  • […] back at the Minot Starbucks where I got online last time I was here before getting my cell phone connection to work. It’s been a long couple of days and today is […]

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