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May 29, 2009 -

Watson Lake

Watson Lake is a sad little town, a sorry ‘Gateway to the Yukon.’ Its maligned reputation is well-earned; the town is ugly and there is little to see or do outside of outdoorsy pursuits like hunting and fishing. This is a place to stop at to see the Signpost Forest and to top up on groceries, not a place to put down roots.

That said, I have two months to make a major decision regarding this town.

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May 28, 2009 -

I Used to Like Painting… :)

WHEW!!! It took six days, five of them straight through, to get the darn deck done!!! Tomorrow, like yesterday, I’m planting flowers, and Saturday I head back out on the road!

Yesterday was the first time since I got here that I got that ‘pang’ that told me it was time to leave. We had a lot of RVs pass us on their way north and I just couldn’t wait to be back out there.

Next stop is Whitehorse, which I plan to get to in two days, so by Sunday night or mid-day Monday. As a teaser for things to come, I will not be taking the Alaska Highway to get to Whitehorse….

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May 26, 2009 -

Stuck in Watson Lake

How hard is it to get out of Watson Lake? One couple has learned that it is practically impossible to get out of this town!

Last night, a retired RCMP officer and his wife were en route to Whitehorse for an RCMP shinding happening this weekend when their car broke down about  twenty kilometres from Nugget City. An RVer passed them, turned his rig around (go RVers!), and drove them here. They spent the day trying to find someone going north who could drive them to Whitehorse, but this wound up being a very low traffic day.

Next option was to go back to Watson Lake to get on a Greyhound bus. Greyhound couldn’t simply pick them up at Nugget City; a ticket absolutely had to be bought at the depot in town, no exceptions whatsoever. So, they tried to find someone going into Watson Lake, but struck out there also. Finally, the owners here offered to drive them into town.

When I got wind of all of this, I stepped in and told the couple I would take them in. The owners have enough to do without losing an hour going into town and back! So, I emptied the car of the bike, bike accessories, and kayak bits so that I could free up the back seat and took off with this couple at about a quarter to nine.

Halfway into Watson Lake, I asked them where I was dropping them off. This got me some rather resounding silence. They thought I knew where the bus depot is! I think they had a minor freakout, but I suspected that the Tags convenience store across from Sign Post Forest would be open and directions would be had there. I was right. I took them to the bank, then we headed off to the depot (across from Tags, pretty much behind the bank, in a huge green building!). I took the right approach to the building as even with my myopia I was able to see the Greyhound sign in the distance, to everyone’s relief.

Once there, I insisted on going in with them. After everything that happened, I wanted to make sure that they would be able to get on a bus tonight! I was surprised to find the depot open, with a nice waiting area. It’s going to be a long night for them, but they’ll be in Whitehorse by 4AM and they have a hotel room booked so they can crash upon arrival. The owners asked me to come back up to the restaurant in a few minutes so that we can wave to the bus as it goes by!

This is a good example of a bad situation that turned out well. They could have been stranded a lot farther in the boondocks instead of within easy towing of Nugget City. We have a mechanic on site, so while they’re doing their thing in Whitehorse, their car will be fixed up here. They’ll be able to bus back on Sunday, pick up the car, and head home.

As for my getting out of Watson Lake, it’s in the works! Friday is absolutely and definitely my last day of work and I’m pulling out Saturday! I can’t believe I’ve been here for two solid weeks!!! They have been very good weeks; it’s been great to have been on almost FHU (no sewer) with good internet without feeling a pinch and to know that my next tank of gas is covered. The last two weeks have been the first that truly reflected my dream for this life and I hope they are a portent of things to come.

Post edited 45 minutes later to add:

I just got in from waving the bus with about six other people. We must have been a tad… enthusiastic. The bus passed us, turned around at the first chance it saw, and came back to see if someone had been missed! The group of us didn’t know whether to laugh or be mortified!!! :LOL:

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