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Sep 6, 2009 -

And the countdown is on…

I’m leaving Dawson in no more than exactly two weeks from now as I’m expected back at Nugget City around the 23rd.

I’d hinted last spring that by September I would have a major decision to make regarding Watson Lake, and that decision was made months ago. I was so fortunate this summer to get adopted by two wonderful hotel/RV park/restaurant complexes that have made my decision to use the Yukon as my homebase so easy. But when you live on site, you need a place to go to to unwind. Watson Lake really doesn’t have much to offer in that regard; no good restaurants, no cozy pubs, no entertainment. It’s ugly, poor, and crime ridden. Dawson is the complete opposite. Watson Lake is a place to stay, Dawson is a place to live. If the two towns were even remotely comparable, the decision of which to use as a homebase would have been gut wrenching rather than easy to make.

Depending on the weather at Nugget City and the amount of work there, I’ll stay anywhere from two to three weeks as I’m expected in Campbell River on October 23rd. I’m hoping to take a slightly different route south and to spend a day or two in Vancouver, but the pace to Campbell River will definitely not be leisurely.

I look forward to my new adventures, but, darn it, it’s tougher than I would ever have imagined to say goodbye to the Klondike.

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Jun 5, 2009 -

Wildfire Causes Shutdown of the Alaska Highway

The Alaska Highway is closed indefinitely between Fort Nelson, BC, and Watson Lake, YT, due to a major wildfire that has been ongoing for about four days.

No detour has been suggested, but I think the obvious solution is to take the Cassiar Highway from Prince George, which, I’m told, can be a bit ‘rough’ in spots, but which will take you to twenty minutes north of Watson Lake.

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May 31, 2009 -

Too Much Fun in Nugget City

My new friend Amber Goodwin, one of the daughters of the owners of Nugget City, took some pictures during my stay and sent them to me last night. Some of these were too fun not to share, even if they are a tad embarrassing. 🙂

First,here is one of my favourite pictures ever taken of Neelix (great shot, Amber!):


Now, here I am in my oh-so-fetching painting garb the day we raised the Nugget City flag:


Here I am ceremoniously holding the paintbrush I used for the first coat on the deck:

(this is the shell I bought for my Chilkoot trip!)

(this is the shell I bought for my Chilkoot trip!)

And, finally, too much fun:


Amber is starting out as a graphic designer; please check out her website www.ambergoodwin.com. She whipped up a nice cover for my ebook! Thanks, Amber!

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