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Mar 24, 2013 -

A Maddening Wind

I was awakened at about 3:30 this morning by a loud gale. I stumbled out of bed to close all the windows and roof hatches, which effectively deadened the sound of the howling wind.

But was I able to get back to sleep? No. Why? My %@&%*@( air condition rattles like the dickens. I noticed it was bad on the beach, but it was never when I was trying to sleep.

Tabitha and I would just start drifting off and then, RATTLE, RATTLE, RAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTLLLLEEE, RATTLE. OMG.

Anyone have tips for a rattling AC?

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Mar 22, 2013 -

Out For a Hidden Valley Walk

The sun and heat just returned with a vengeance, so I headed out for a short walk to enjoy the good weather. It’s nice to be back in the rig where there is a lovely cool cross-breeze!

The landscapes and fauna here remind me of the Okanagan before the cold season sets in. Only the palms feel foreign. Most of the cacti here are on steroids, but I did see some impressive ones in the Okanagan, so they don’t make me ooh as much as I would have expected.

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Mar 22, 2013 -

Flexible Plans

Bah, it’s another grey morning in San Antonio! I am almost 40AH down! I’m holding steady thanks to my solenoid, but I’m hoping that tomorrow’s promised sun materializes!

Looking at the forecast trends for the next several weeks, I am really not eager to start pushing north so I am once again revising my itinerary. Caroline will probably not be in Austin when I go through there, so I have decided not to stop in Texas’ capital on the way north. That said, Austin is only about an hour and a half from here. So as long as there is no problem with extending my stay here, I will probably visit Austin on a day trip and remain in Von Ormy longer than planned.

My route north takes me right through Dallas and I’ve decided that I simply cannot drive through there without visiting the Dealey Plaza! I’ve spent too much time researching and theorizing about the JFK assassination to not actually get on the ground there and see if my theories hold water.

So the plan now is to watch the weather in Wichita. As soon as it starts trending with days above zero, I will head north, and then hunker down there until it feels safe to push on… as long as L is home as he has travel plans in April. I hope we don’t miss each other! 🙁

I am beginning to think that I will likely end up doing a cannonball run to Canada at the very end of April or even beginning of May instead of a more leisurely pace that allows for sightseeing. Having to travel in the shoulder seasons sucks! 🙁

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