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Nov 18, 2009 -

A Phenomenal Storm

It normally takes me 5 minutes to walk to work. This afternoon, it took me 10 minutes to get home. It is seriously stormy and windy out there. I walked right into the brunt of it and it was literally like forcing myself through a physical barricade of air and water. I was soaked to the bone, exhausted, and frozen solid when I got home.

The town of Courtenay, just 50km south of Campbell River, has declared a state of emergency because of severe flooding. One of my last customers of the day was a gal just a couple of years younger than me who was evacuated just in time to watch her trailer and all her worldly belongings float down a river, land on a bridge, and get demolished by the gale. She was in remarkably good spirits.

Last time I saw an ocean storm like this was on Gran Manan Island, in New Brunswick, during their unforgettable Labour Day storm of 1994 which just about wiped out the fishing industry. We had been scheduled to return to the mainland, but had to remain on the island because our tour bus could not be secured on the ferry. I remember standing on the pier watching our ferry nearly flounder in waves as high as it was. The passage over a few days later was incredibly rough and I was only one of a few who did not get seasick.

The road below the house is flooded in parts and I am glad to be sitting up high, but a little nervous that I don’t have an escape route for Miranda should water get all the way up here. I know the chances of that are incredibly remote, but like in Dawson this summer I am acutely aware that there is nowhere to go should the world go to hell.

Miranda is well buffered on all sides and is barely rocking. I am warm and cozy and have a fantastic view of the wipe caps rolling in. I’m going to sit here a while, snug as a bug, and enjoy one of the best views mother nature has to offer.

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Nov 17, 2009 -

A Long Short Day

My conundrum this morning was to wear a bandage over my wrist or not. I decided not because the cuts go most of the way around the wrist and would have required a full wrap, making me look as if I’d tried to kill myself over the weekend. Our uniform shirts have long sleeves, so I made a mental note to not push my sleeves up this week. Well, that plan failed. I just hate having long sleeves and before I knew it my sleeves were up and my wrist exposed. This prompted a hilarious quote from a customer and the reason for this paragraph. He said: “Next time, don’t struggle.” I asked him what he meant and he gave me this cheeky grin as he replied “I’ve gotten cuts like that from handcuffs.” So, great. Bare wrist and I look like I was in the slammer this weekend and wrapped wrist I look like I went to the shrink ward. Renos always come with a price! 😀

My 6AM to 10AM shift today flew by. One second it was 5:50 and I was pouring myself a first cup of coffee and the next my replacement had come in. This has thus far proven to be the busiest shift. It’s also my least favourite because I have a hard time being functional at that hour, no matter how much sleep I’ve had.

It was very weird to end my day at 10AM! I came home (with mustard and clam chowder!) and went to work on the *expletive deleted* wardrobe. The new counter and over fridge cabinet mean that I lost room for the baskets that held linens. I moved the baskets to the wardrobe, filling one with rolled up jeans and the other with rolled up sweaters (which worked out so brilliantly I think this is going to be a permanent solution!). I then needed to find room for the linens and got about halfway through that project. What a puzzle it is to get a home organized. At least, for the first time, I know what the final picture looks like (even if it’s a tad fuzzy) so now I only have to figure out what pieces I have, possibly in the wrong place, and what I need.

Last, but not least, this weekend’s wicked storm finally broke in the wee hours of the morning and I was able to watch a magnificent sunrise. A dark cloud rolled in shortly thereafter and we were back to rain, but, hey, five minutes of sunshine is more than I had some days last spring! 🙂

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Nov 10, 2009 -

This and That

1) I stumbled out of bed at 9:30 this morning in answer to a knock on my door. It was the mail carrier with a registered letter for me. My foggy brain was able to make out the words “Wow, first time I ever got mail at home!”

Thankfully, I’d been previously introduced to the mail carrier and she knew a bit of my story.

2) Today’s shift was great! I worked once again with the colleague who trained me the first day and things are good between us now. We work super well together, finding it easy to equitably divvy up the sucky jobs, of which there are many. Tonight, she introduced me to the slushy machine. I’d been curious about the colourful swirls of ice named after big brand sodas, like Mountain Dew and Sprite, and was surprised to learn that we get those free, too! I don’t normally drink sodas, but I’m a sucker for slushies, so I decided to try an orange one. Let’s just say I’m going to have to put a note on my mug reminding me that those things are pure sugar! 🙂 But what a treat! Business was a bit slow tonight and we gabbed a lot, which made us late for closing up. Oops. 🙂

3) I have a childhood friend with whom I’ve reconnected through Facebook whose mother also friended me. This mother has a childhood friend of her own who happens to live in Campbell River. The friend and I will be meeting for coffee this week. Do I know anyone who doesn’t know someone who lives in Campbell River? 😀

*moves away from the light tone*

4) I found out yesterday that an aunt, my only one on my dad’s side (his sister) passed away suddenly on Sunday. Going back east for the funeral on Friday isn’t an option, unfortunately. My thoughts go out to my cousins and their families as well as my uncle.

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