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Apr 9, 2009 -

A Day Out of Time

Oy… If it was a long day for me, I can only imagine how my friend, who got up at 4AM EST must be feeling!

After a morning of work, I drove out to Abbotsford to pick her up. Abbotsford International (YYX) is just about equi-distance to the Richmond Airport (YVR) from South Surrey/White Rock but more convenient to get to and flights on Westjet are cheaper. The terminal is tiny, making the airport easy to navigate, and parking is inexpensive. I’m really glad that the RV show I went to in January was at the Abbotsford airport because I would have otherwise not known that it would be so convenient to pick up my friend there.

She is staying at the Seacrest Motel and RV Park in White Rock, a location I scouted out for her. It is a great spot. It’s almost right on the ocean, but much cheaper than places directly on the main drag and still walking distance to touristy Marine Drive. She has a huge suite with bedroom, living area, kitchenette, and bathroom. The kitchenette is fully equipped with everything she could need to make a meal and everything is spotlessly clean. I’m a bit fussy when it comes to motel cleanliness and this place passed muster. First order of business, then, was to go get her a few groceries.

What about the RV Park, you ask. Well, I checked it out and didn’t feel it was worth moving to it just to save a hundred fifty dollars. The ‘park’ is really an uneven and extremely unlevel slab of asphalt with very tight spots. They admit to this fully, marketing themselves as a cheap place to park your RV while you enjoy the beach. It would have been okay for a month if they had wi-fi, but since they didn’t I decided to stick to my current cushy digs.

I hadn’t had lunch and her body had no idea what time it was, so we decided to go for an early dinner. The day had started off cloudy, with threats of rain, but by four o’clock it was sunny and warm. We decided to park my car at the motel and then walk down Marine Drive in search of food.

It’s a good thing I hadn’t checked out restaurant reviews prior because if I had there is no way we would have gone to Charlie Don’t Surf. I don’t care what the reviews say, I would give up cooking and eat there every night! I have rarely enjoyed such a perfect meal. My friend had lobster ravioli in a mildly spicy sauce, all of which was delicious. I had a huge salmon steak seared to perfection with cajun spices served on a bed of rice seasoned with cumin (an inspired combination that I will try at home!). With this, I had a heaping helping of glazed carrots and perfectly cooked broccoli, cauliflower, and asparagus. I thought that I didn’t like asparagus but as it turns out, I’ve just never had it properly cooked! Nearly replete, we stopped off for ice cream on the way home.

According to my friend, this day is going to be hard to top, but we’re just getting started! I have big plans for tomorrow, which is supposed to be the nicest of the weekend. Even if it ends up raining all weekend, just having this perfect evening was enough.

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Apr 8, 2009 -

Giddy Anticipation

Someone very dear to me will tomorrow be arriving in the GVR for a week–my best friend from Ottawa, whom I have not seen in seven months!!! Her arrival coincides with the Easter long weekend, which means we’ll have four full days together (in addition to tomorrow afternoon and three evenings next week!).

She’s arriving here in much the same way I did, with Stanley Park being the only ‘must see’ on her itinerary. I look forward to introducing her to the park, as well as Lynn Valley Canyon and Steveston, and exploring Gastown, touristy White Rock, and Blaine Washington with her, as well as making new discoveries!

After almost a solid week of gorgeous, sunny weather, she’s arriving with rain so she’ll get the real Vancouver experience. 🙂

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Apr 3, 2009 -

Regional Linguistic Differences

Canadian French has very distinct regional differences. It usually takes only a few sentences to determine that someone is not from your region and, if you’ve traveled enough, to pinpoint where they’re from. After six years of living in the outaouais region of Quebec, it was still obvious that I grew up in the metropolis (Montreal) and I still encountered new-to-me words and expressions that gave me pause.

I’m discovering that the same is true for Canadian English, to the great amusement of my new boss, who was astounded that I had never heard of the words ginch and gonch. “What do you call a ginchy pull?!” she asked me and I finally clued in, replying “A wedgie?!” (Don’t ask me how we got on the subject! 😀 )

This week, I worked on an inventory project and she told me to add the deckles to the list. I had absolutely no idea what a deckle meant in that context. I’ve only used the word deckle in crafting, as in a deckle edge on paper. So, she spelled it out for me–decal–and I discovered that she wanted me to add the DEE-CALS to the list. My colleagues also say deckle. HUH?! I know that even though I did most of my schooling in English there are words I I don’t pronounce properly, but decal=deckle?!

At least, I know what a chesterfield is and we agree that dinner is served past 5pm, not at noon, so we’re still partially speaking the same language, although I’m learning to keep Google open for translation purposes. 🙂

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