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Jan 29, 2011 -

An RV Rear Bedroom Becomes a Home Office

And now the reveal none of you have been waiting for: the study!!!

I’ve been procrastinating on this one for several reasons, one of which is the serious lack of sunlight which makes my pictures very dark. The study is much brighter than what you would think from some of these shots.

So, going back, I bought a rig with twin beds in the back:

I had initially thought I would use one bed as a ‘sofa’ and rip out the other one to build a desk, but I wound up putting a mattress against the back wall over the basement pass-through compartment. Then, for about a year, I lived with a built-in desk on the driver’s side and the base of the other bed on the passenger side serving as a storage trunk:

I ended up bringing in a new desk with drawers and putting the desk on the driver’s side, and after some searching I found a matching filing cabinet for the passenger side. A terribly disappointing paint job and new curtains later, this is the result:

it's not pitch black in there, I swear!


printer, filing cabinet, to-be-filed basket

a comfy place to watch movies (but not to sleep!)

Condensation-proof linen storage. One of my future weekend projects is to cover the bin with contact paper to make it look prettier

this is where I plan my domination of the world, bwa ha ha ha

my new computer chair was no luxury, not with the amount of time I spent in it pounding out a book!

stationery centre

drawers are such a luxury! and notice that my organizers match my colour scheme!

another weekend will be to finish off the top of the bookcase so it fits around the bumpout; notice the leg in the back waiting for reattachment to something

this isn't the only place in this room where I have books stashed!

This room isn’t perfect yet, but it’s very, very close! My next projects for it beyond what I just mentioned are electrical. I want to move the undercabinet 120V plug to a more sensible location and also add a 12V plug.

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Jan 16, 2011 -

Setting Limits

As I approach the end of the renos I find that my ‘workshop’ is more and more disorganized. I started off with all my tools and hardware in the basement and periodically rearrange it all, but after two years I’ve come to realise that the most used stuff migrates from the basement to the rig and that I will frequently buy a duplicate of small things like nails rather than go digging through the basement in the rain.

Tonight, I made the decision that the big tools, like saws, drills, levels, and squares are going to live in the basement, as are any remaining painting supplies, but I’m going to keep a basic tool kit in the rig as well as all my hardware. I did a huge sort and got rid of several tubs worth of odd bits I know I will never use. I then used containers to set limits on how much of various categories I was going to keep and I began to stack everything into two cabinets in the study:

The big blue bin has industrial strength Velcro, all types of sticky tape, and several kinds of glue. It needed a big bin because of the roll of Eternabond. The other bins include two of hardware (brackets, screws, nails, hooks, eyelets, door handles I do plan on installing, etc.), one for drill bits, one for sewing, one for electrical things, and one for electronics. I have a few more to arrange, but this is just SO easy to go through! I love those clear bins; they have a depression in the lid for stacking and they snap shut so well that I can pull out the one at the bottom and the top two just slide down without the contents spilling out.

This project has cleared out a full side compartment in the basement, which will give me space to relocate some of the things that are currently in the battery compartment, which will make accessing them for watering much easier. This summer, I plan to pull everything out of the basement and do a good sort, especially in the wet bay.

What impressed me the most about this project is just how much I was able to throw away. Having grown up with two very handy parents and having had a fixer upper for several years, keeping all manner of odd bits ‘just in case’ I need them for a project has been ingrained in me. But I now have a very good idea of the sorts of tools and hardware I need to keep around to fix up an RV and that’s all I’m hanging on to.

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Dec 10, 2010 -


Is there anything more adorable than two content cats curled up in a pile of bedding?

I doubt it!

It was a terrible night in the study–it’s noisier there because of the converter and the bed is too narrow for the three of us. Plus, the cats were really needy yesterday, what with the upheaval in the front of the rig, and they just couldn’t cuddle close enough to me so it was hard to get comfortable. I won’t be so lenient with them tonight. 😀

Well, I’m off to scour Osoyoos for Eternabond. Wish me luck!

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