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Jan 9, 2009 -

Like March, Only Wetter

We were treated to brilliant sunshine and BLUE sky  yesterday afternoon and this morning I was awoken by SUN. It doesn’t last, though. It’s started to rain again, but the weather is sooooo mild. It’s such a joy to be able to dash out to the laundry in just a sweater and slippers instead of having to throw on a heavy coat and boots!

Some parts of Surrey and the Fraser Valley are severely flooded right now, but I’m still safe and relatively dry where I am. I don’t see water pooling anywhere in the park. I am keeping watch on conditions in case there are evacuations, but it seems like this is a good place to ride out the inclement weather.

A lot of roads into this area are closed because of avalanche risks, including the road I took from Oliver. I really got out of there in the nick of time!

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Jan 3, 2009 -

What Price for Joy

It’s my third night here and I’ve already got ‘Going to the pool, YAY!!’ down to a science. Sometime between seven and eight, I put on my bathing suit, throw my jammies over it, and schlep over to the pool building with my bag holding toiletries and a towel. This way, I don’t have too much ‘stuff’ (ie. clothes) to deal with at the pool and I can shower right there.

I don’t believe there is anything in the whole of the universe that gives me as much joy as does swimming. Just doing laps doesn’t satisfy me. Soon as I hit the water, I have to play, turning somersaults and spending as much time under water as possible. There is no more glorious feeling than that of being completely submersed. I must have been a fish in a past life. No, make that an otter!

In 2009 I have already swam as many times as I did in 2008 and I plan to make up for 2007 when I didn’t get to swim at all.

So, what price for joy? I’m stretching the budget by staying here, but I have yet to feel that the price I’m paying is too much. 😀

For those who are curious about what this paradise called Pacific Border RV Park looks like, the park website has lots of good photos… just add a generous amount of snow to them. 😉

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Jan 3, 2009 -

Meeting the Neighbours By Getting Fuel

I just dashed out to gas up the toad and fill my propane tank since I wasn’t able to fill the on board tank on January 1st. Gas is about seven cents more expensive here than it was in Oliver. There, I had never gassed up when I was completely empty, so I never really registered how much a full tank would cost me. Here, it was the first time in years that I bought 40 litres of gas for less than 30$. I’d call that progress! Propane was also cheap, 60 cents and a bit a litre, and filling my 30lber cost a mere 20$. I was again dumbfounded by how heavy an empty 30lber feels! I thought I had enough to get me to the morning, but based on my average consumption rate of 10lbs per day (*gulp*) I would have run out in about an hour!

While filling up, I met my neighbour from a couple of lots down, doing the exact same thing as me. He apologized for the weather and told me that within a week we’ll be back above zero for good (Really? Woohoo! Yes, I’m still that naïve!). I laughed and replied that this is March, even April, even beginning of May, weather where I’m from. To which he replied: “Oh, you’re from Ottawa?” LOL!!!

I’m definitely not complaining about the weather; after Oliver I feel like I’m in paradise… but let’s not forget that until it betrayed us, the Okanagan gave us a never-ending fall. I was still wearing short sleeves well into November and remember mild days in early December!

Now that my fresh water hose is thawed out again (*shakes head*), I’d say that life in the Fraser Valley is looking up.

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