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Dec 1, 2010 -


(*’of water’, pronounced ‘Doh!’ 😀 )

When I started to get ready for the colder weather, I debated whether to get a water hose heat tape or not. I decided not since I didn’t find it that effective for really cold spells. Instead, I decided to live off my water tank and to keep my water hose empty so that I wouldn’t have to worry about having it available for fills. For some reason, I forgot all of this when we had our recent thaw and I’ve been without water since my hose froze again before I had a chance to disconnect it.

Since we went up above zero today, I got the hose thawed, then filled up the holding tank and the drinking jug. So long as I don’t go crazy with the showers and it doesn’t drop below minus five or so during the day, I should be good for water for a week.

I brought Midnight out while I was playing with the water. It wasn’t cold enough for his winter coat, so I had him wear his sweater. Ain’t he cute?

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Dec 1, 2010 -

So THAT’S What An RV Furnace Sounds Like!

I awoke to plus one, so the rig was very comfortable. First order of business was a doggy with his legs crossed. Never mind that mine were crossed as well, we went out and frolicked in the snow for about ten minutes. Then he went right back to bed. Must be nice being a dog!

Life on Our Ark’s very own Midnight

I was just starting to get a hankering for breakfast when there came a knock at my door. Could it be the furnace man? It was! He spent about a half hour getting it hooked up and then we tested it. I can’t believe how quiet it is! Yes, there, is the sound of blowing air, but I don’t find it annoying in the least. It does help that I’m two rooms away from the blower; we’ll see what it’s like at night.  Now that I know what the furnace is supposed to sound like I can tell it’s been on its last legs for a very long time.

I can’t believe it’s December 1st and that very soon I will be full-timing RVing in a fourth year. 2008 feels so far away!

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Nov 30, 2010 -

Cozier Than Expected

I had a great night, curled up in my -7 sleeping bag under the duvet with the kitties. The rig is just a notch above tolerable this morning. It helps that we’re only sitting at -1, with a fine layer of snow.

Midnight seems to have had a good night. I heard him whining a bit as I was reading in bed before sleep and I just kept repeating “Go to bed, Midnight” until he did. This morning, he was glad to see me and we went out to the tree for a brief minute. I’ll take him out for a proper walk this afternoon, and we’re about to head out to run some errands.

He followed me around while I made breakfast and then just sat at the base of my chair looking up at me while I tried to get some work done. I put my arms down and he jumped right into them so I could bring him up onto my lap, where he is now snuggled and snoring. Too cute!

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