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Jan 7, 2009 -

Water Quality (Or Lack Thereof)


One thing I really miss about Oliver was how good the tap water was there! I use a Brita pitcher to filter my drinking water. My first day here, I filled up my pitcher and took a gulp of the water, then promptly spit it out, discovering that I was long overdue to change the filter! The water here is highly chlorinated and has an off-taste reminiscent of old socks (a flavour attribute I only appreciate in my cheese, thank you kindly).  I made the mistake this morning of making my coffee with water from the tap rather than the pitcher and I got a lovely caffeinated cup of chlorinated old sock sludge. Yum!

The filter is not able to full rid the water of its nasty flavour properties, so I’m going to have to get water in jugs for drinking and beverage making purposes. *sighs*

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Jan 3, 2009 -

Meeting the Neighbours By Getting Fuel

I just dashed out to gas up the toad and fill my propane tank since I wasn’t able to fill the on board tank on January 1st. Gas is about seven cents more expensive here than it was in Oliver. There, I had never gassed up when I was completely empty, so I never really registered how much a full tank would cost me. Here, it was the first time in years that I bought 40 litres of gas for less than 30$. I’d call that progress! Propane was also cheap, 60 cents and a bit a litre, and filling my 30lber cost a mere 20$. I was again dumbfounded by how heavy an empty 30lber feels! I thought I had enough to get me to the morning, but based on my average consumption rate of 10lbs per day (*gulp*) I would have run out in about an hour!

While filling up, I met my neighbour from a couple of lots down, doing the exact same thing as me. He apologized for the weather and told me that within a week we’ll be back above zero for good (Really? Woohoo! Yes, I’m still that naïve!). I laughed and replied that this is March, even April, even beginning of May, weather where I’m from. To which he replied: “Oh, you’re from Ottawa?” LOL!!!

I’m definitely not complaining about the weather; after Oliver I feel like I’m in paradise… but let’s not forget that until it betrayed us, the Okanagan gave us a never-ending fall. I was still wearing short sleeves well into November and remember mild days in early December!

Now that my fresh water hose is thawed out again (*shakes head*), I’d say that life in the Fraser Valley is looking up.

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Jan 3, 2009 -

Thwarted Plans

I woke up to snow this morning; heavy, wet, stay at home in your jammies and watch bad movies, kind of snow. At least, it was only minus one, not the minus twenty-one Oliverites are experiencing!!! But I dragged myself into proper going out clothing and headed to the Surrey Museum… after not noticing the statement on their website that they’re closed the whole month of January. DOH!

The weather being way too yucky for driving of the exploratory variety, I pressed on to Langley to pick up 12V lightbulbs at the Canadian Tire there, and to see where the major shopping complex is so that I can be comfortable returning there to see movies ( 🙂 ), and went almost straight back home (with a pause at Starbucks for a caramel macchiato).

One really nice thing about this lifestyle is that you can stay in one location long enough to not feel that you absolutely need to ‘go see the sites’ in poor weather.

In other news, one silly RVer forgot to leave her water on last night and now has a frozen solid brand new fresh water hose. 🙁

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