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Dec 10, 2010 -

Covering Cabover Seams With Eternabond

Eternabond is a sealing tape that is most commonly used in roofing applications. I’ve used it around the skylight over the shower, so I knew that it wouldn’t look great on my seams but it would get the job done. Finding the product in Canada is tough and it is ridiculously expensive when you factor in shipping. I decided to try both the RV store and the Home Hardware here in Osoyoos before caving and paying the $100 to have some sent in from northern Ontario.

The RV store didn’t have any and the lady had never even heard of it, but the detour was worth my while because they had a cover for my porch light, the original cover for which disintegrated when I replaced the bulb early this fall.

The cashier found that $5 for the cover was expensive, but I didn’t find it that bad.

Next, the Home Hardware. They had 5′ rolls of 4″ wide tape in grey, white, black, and paintable!!! The rolls were $12 each, which is more per foot than ordering it, even counting shipping, but I only needed about 10′ and I’d have the product in my hand right there and then. So, I went home and applied it and now my rig looks like crap but it’s hopefully water tight!

I took some videos of the process. I know they’re not great; I’ve never done anything like this before. But the sound quality is fine and I think they are worth their bandwidth so I’m going forth and sharing them.

Prepping to Apply Eternabond

Ready to Apply the Eternabond

Eternabond Applied

And some still pictures:

the problem corner, some caulking removed
getting a smooth seam was impossible; once Eternabond is stuck, it’s there for life
the side seams were easier to make smooth
I want to add more tape to the bottom seam
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Dec 10, 2010 -


Is there anything more adorable than two content cats curled up in a pile of bedding?

I doubt it!

It was a terrible night in the study–it’s noisier there because of the converter and the bed is too narrow for the three of us. Plus, the cats were really needy yesterday, what with the upheaval in the front of the rig, and they just couldn’t cuddle close enough to me so it was hard to get comfortable. I won’t be so lenient with them tonight. 😀

Well, I’m off to scour Osoyoos for Eternabond. Wish me luck!

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Dec 10, 2010 -

Grateful For a Second Bed

I have to share this picture:

I’m glad I have that bit of insulation left from doing the skirting since the chill from that window is significant. Temps are nice and high this week, hovering around zero, but it’s still cold beside a single-pane window! As a bonus, the insulation will block out the light in the mornings.

Before anyone comments, that’s a double thickness of insulation; there’s a silver layer towards the outside, too. 🙂

That mattress is pretty bad and it’s going to be cramped, but I’ve made it as comfortable as possible since I’ll be there for a while. *sighs* Reminds me of my student days, living in one room. I just keep telling myself that at least I’m not sleeping on the floor!

I do have a plan for making use of the loft while it is out of commission…

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