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Dec 18, 2010 -

Brief Refrigeration and Loft Considerations

We went below zero last night and are staying there until Tuesday. The forecast for the rest of the week is completely upwards with nights above zero starting on the 23rd. Let’s see if that lasts!

The Eternabond hasn’t arrived yet and it’s too cold to apply it anyway, so I’m pretty much on hold in the loft. It was super damp in there this morning with the windows covered in condensation, but five minutes with the dehumidifier solved that. I’ll have to keep leaving it on 24/7.

It snowed lightly today, so going out for plywood was out of the question (remember, I have a hatchback so I have to carry big things on the roof!). I continued work on the insulation. The styrofoam panels I have are too thick, so I have to halve them, a surprisingly tough job.

Instead of sleeping, I’ve been lying awake at night thinking about the next steps in this project. One thing that bugs me is that there aren’t many places into which I could secure the new flooring:

Everything in blue is thin paneling over insulation over thin paneling over insulation over fiberglass. That’s it! The red lines are where I have something structural into which to screw. I’ll come back to the green marks.

So, obviously, the flooring can’t be in too many pieces if I want any sort of structural integrity at all. The best thing would be to bring in one piece, but I really don’t think that would be manageable. I also won’t have anything to cut it with once I get here if I try to bring it home in one piece and concede that I need two. It’s going to have to come home in two pieces.

The green marks indicate where there is padding around the interior of the C. This padding is about a half inch taller than the floor, so I need to remove to be able to install the floor flat. I will replace the padding with some 1 1/2″ or so thick wood I found in the basement (a real Ali Baba’s cave, it seems). This will give me some additional place for screwing in the flooring so that both sections can get a bit of extra support along the interior side of the C. I’ll make sure to take pictures when I get to this point!

That leaves the sides. Intellectually I know that if the manufacturer didn’t feel the flooring needed any additional support on the sides, it mustn’t have needed it, but I’m still getting the willies since all the weight in the loft is right smack in the middle. I might get thicker plywood after all! 😀

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Dec 15, 2010 -


The loft is now bone dry! WOOHOO!


Until I finish doing that exterior corner in Eternabond, I’m not finalizing anything inside. Instead, I’m slowly starting to acquire materials and cutting them to fit so that once I’m sure the corner is watertight, I’ll only have some gluing, stapling, screwing, and caulking to do.

The dehumidifier and heater are so efficient that I think that if I can get a coat of primer on before noon, I’d be able to put on a coat of paint before bed, saving me a day. Suddenly, there’s an end in sight. I’m thinking that this night next week I could very well be sleeping in my bed again.

In case anyone is wondering, I got ALL the black, rotted wood out. Everything else has dried to normal wood colour and is mildew-free and solid, so I have a good foundation for the repairs. I’m so excited to move forward with this!

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Dec 13, 2010 -

Slowly Drying

A lost sock is found in the washer

Progress in the loft continues to be very slow, but I can see that it is drying out. I’m pulling out about half a bucket of water a day from the dehumidifier. I went up there and blasted a section with the hair dryer on high and was startled to see an immediate improvement. I know that’s just surface drying and I expect to see moisture seeping back up, but at least I know that having the hair dryer on a section while I work on another is worth the power being used.

Tonight, I pulled up most of the top layers of paneling and insulation to see how far the wetness extends on the bottom layer of paneling, which is about two thirds of the way across. Thankfully, the wet section is not rotten or mildewy, just wet, and definitely not spongy. Now that it is exposed, I’m sure it will dry well. I’m going to look for a wood hardening product to apply to the wood that got wet but which isn’t being replaced.  The wood hardener product would also prevent new damage from wetness. Probably overkill, but I’m not taking any chances.

At this rate, I don’t anticipate being able to do any real work up there for at least another week. Moreover, I’m waiting on an order for a 50′ roll of Eternabond from Allan at A.J.B. Distributing in northern Ontario, upon the recommendation of several Canadian RVers. Once that roll arrives I’ll do the bottom seam at the front to guarantee that I’ve got the leak sealed. So, I really need to be patient about this.

I might be pulling out of this park at the end of January, which means I have six weeks left to get the renos all done. I really want to leave here with my tools stowed away for good, so as soon as I can get going again, renos are going to be my top priority. I’ve decided to use credit if I have to in order to get things done right, and completely. I’ve made an incredibly detailed list of what needs to be done and in what order so that I can start blasting through things as soon as the loft is secure without wasting time looking for a strategy. I’ll be finishing with the kitchen even though I’m SO tempted to get it done right now.

In the meantime, I’m focusing on my work projects. Between the furnace and the leak, my budget took a serious hit and I’m not pulling in anywhere close to what just bled out. So I think it’s good to have a week to step back and work at bringing in some money. Thankfully, I reeled in a couple of new translation contracts this morning, so I have plenty to keep me busy!

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