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Jan 6, 2011 -

Flooring is Progress

We’re supposed to go above zero tomorrow, so I’m hoping against hope that I’ll be able to spend a couple of hours Eternabonding.

Needing a few hours away from the computer and some exercise, I decided to go get plywood for the loft floor this afternoon!

It’s the cheapest plywood they had in the 5/8″ thickness. Might be cheap, but looks a heck of a lot nicer than I expected.

Plywood comes in 8’x4′ sheets, which is exactly 3 1/2″ too narrow. I had the guy cut the sheet into two panels, one 30″ and the other 18″. I found some reasonably price solid-wood moulding the exact width I needed to compensate; that’s the white bit you can see at the front of the pictures. I’ll be screwing the ladder into it, so to ensure that it’s super solid I’ll reinforce it from underneath with some square braces.

I need to notch one end of the moulding to get it to fit around the awning bumpout, plus screw the flooring down and add the trim on the edges since 8′ is one inch too short and there’s a gap 1/2″ gap at both ends between the wall and the floor.

Getting the flooring in, especially the 30″ x 8′ piece, was a nightmare. There’s no room to work in the library! I think the worst was having someone next door who would have been willing to help, but not having any space to bring her in! I caught a corner of the floor on the tinting film of one of the windows and ruined it. I guess it’s better than ruining the window.

If it’s not too late tomorrow after I do the Eternabond, I’ll head back out to the Home Hardware to get some paneling. The plywood changes hurt my brain too much tonight to wrap my brain around another project, so I decided to go back out for the paneling. Tomorrow, I’d be very satisfied to have the Eternabond done and the flooring screwed in; getting the wall done would be a bonus. I’ve made a lot of estimates for this project, but having a coat of paint on by Sunday night and being back in my bed by Tuesday night is not wishful thinking at this point.

Once the loft is back together I’ll have to decide if I can realistically get the library and kitchen done before I leave, what with everything else I’ve got going on (it’s nice to not have to be cryptic about the book and RV show now!). Since none of those renos are weather dependent, I can put together a schedule and stick to it. Two weeks (part-time) should do it, so if I can start on the library by the 12th, I’ll be going ahead.

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Dec 21, 2010 -

Lots o’ Snow

This morning, I was awoken by a very vocal Neelix, which could only mean one thing:

We’re going to start climbing above freezing this afternoon, so it’s going to turn soupy very fast, meaning I can expect a huge flow from my gutters. There’s a package at the post office for me and I hope it’s my Eternabond because I’m going to need it!

I’ve conceded that I won’t be able to get the loft done till next week. *sighs*

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Dec 20, 2010 -


This morning’s project was to reinforce the interior of the C in the over cab bunk floor to give me something into I could screw the flooring:

This would have been a teeny job with a powered saw, but took seemingly forever with a handsaw. I’m reluctant to spend the money on a new jigsaw when I’m so near the end of my renos and may never have use for one again.

Next, I’m going up into the loft to clean up a bit, finish the insulation, and get proper dimensions. Time is running out this week to get that plywood bought!

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