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Jan 8, 2011 -

Meanwhile, in the Loft…

The poor loft… missing its floor and most of a wall for so many weeks…

First thing today, I cut the piece of floor that was a bit too wide, and then I screwed everything down nice and tight. The greatest part about that was getting my ladder back! The floor still felt a bit weak over the gap, so I added a 90 degree brace and, after dashing out to the Home Hardware, a T brace, like so:

And, so, this is what the loft looked like, with a piece of wall paneling covering it (explaining the discolouration) at about four this afternoon:

The paneling is a 3′ x 7′ sheet that costs $10. I had the wood guy cut it in two so I’d have a piece 3’x5′, roughly the size of the wall I need to cover, and a smaller piece for another project.

If this was summer time, or at least a dry winter, I would have pulled out that window and installed the paneling properly under it, but it’s not warm and dry, so I decided to just glue new paneling over what’s there. I wanted to put it in as one piece.

First thing, was to get that angled bit on the left side. I took a bunch of measurements and wound up with this:

I used a very sharp knife and a straight edge to score the paneling and then snapped it neatly. The end result was a piece that was square at one end, pointy at the other, and sized to overlap the window, like so:

Math, especially geometry, is not my strong suit, so I am most impressed that I got the angles in perfectly!

Next, I had to figure out how to get an outline for the window. Oh, glue!

Which gave me a pattern on the back of the paneling:

That worked quite well, but I could have used a bit more guidance on the bottom since I ended up with a gap between the paneling and the window. I filled it in with scraps and plastered over it; it’ll look fine once painted.

I glued the paneling in place and moved on to filling in the wall bit at the front:

And end result:

Tomorrow: sanding the wall compound and priming!!!!! Oh, and also a visit to the floor store, if open, because my new floor deserves tiles, not mismatched paint 😀

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Jan 7, 2011 -

Not Square

Bah. The rig’s floor’s are plumb and square, why not the loft?! I need to ‘shave’ a wedge off one of the flooring pieces to get everything to fit in. Gah! Needless to say, I didn’t get the floor in today. I intend to spend the next couple of days focused on that project.

Before I screw anything down, I also need to add a bit of reinforcements along the sides and some bigger brackets  underneath; the pieces spanning the gap are a bit too springy for my liking. But there was one ray of sunshine in that corner of the rig today: it now smells like pine shavings instead of rotten, sodden wood. It’ll all happen in due time, soon as I get this next book launched

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Jan 7, 2011 -

Two Measly Little Degrees

That was the temp today, two, and that was also the number of degrees that was separating me from the minimum temp at which Eternabond can be applied.

I decided to go ahead with the corner that’s leaking, but not touch anything else.

First, I removed the original material that hadn’t bonded. It pulled right off and a river of water came pouring out! Not good! Once I got all the badly applied Eternabond off, I blasted it with the hair dryer for several minutes, then scrubbed with acetone.

This time, I decided to apply the Eternabond in small patches. One of the problems with my original application is that I was going over all the ribbing and didn’t get a good bond around it. My method this time was to peel half of the Eternabond backing, blast the rig with the hair dryer, blast the Eternabond until the putty backing was almost melted, apply the exposed piece, and rub it with a smooth stone while keeping the hair dryer on it. I then peeled off the other half of the backing and pulled the tape taut around the ribbing before again using the stone and hair dryer to get a good bond.

The results are ugly, but I’m confident that this time I got the leak.

What I’m not confident about is how my rig looks now: t-a-c-k-y. 🙁

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