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Apr 25, 2011 -

Needing a New Project

One or two years? Ha!

I still need to iron, mount, and frame, but this is a pretty good preview of what will soon be gracing a wall in my library:

Jody found the frame while she was decluttering her home. It’s absolutely perfect!

I feel so incredibly accomplished to have completely this project, never mind how quickly I did it!


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Jan 28, 2011 -

The Entrance and Kitchen Before & After, and the Creation of a Library

There is nothing more satisfying than bringing a vision, and a dream, to life. I wanted my rig to look like a cute, cozy cottage; for it to be bursting with colour and life and to be truly reflect how I live. The front part of the rig, which encompasses the entrance, the kitchen, and what is now the library has come together just as I had hoped it would. This space is perfect and I cannot wait to start enjoying it!

First, the entrance stairwell. Before, it looked smashing… until it started to get water damage and serious abuse:

I used what I had on hand to make it more functional:

The back piece is a panel that I can pull out to access the water pump. It’s made of a piece of styrofoam, for extra insulation.

This is what the front part of the rig looked like at purchase:

dinette and lounge would become the library

and the kitchen:

And now:

(just need to recover the chair this spring!)
landing strip and entrance hook for purse and coat
one of several cabinets filled with books 🙂
more books; so it’s not silly to call this space the library! 🙂

painted cabinets with pulls

space tailor-made for the carpet cleaner

over fridge cabinet now has a pull (horizontal to match the original screw holes)

lovely and functional kitchen

loft is hidden

but still fits in when the curtains are open

Just as I was writing up this post, Donna came for a chat. She perched on the kitchen stool and I sacked out on the lounge chair and I rediscovered a more ‘normal’ way to live. 😀

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Jan 25, 2011 -

Another Kitchen Reveal

Donna came by tonight and helped me with the last thing the kitchen needed to be really complete: a place to eat!

The back room had a little drop down table for which I never found a really good use. Here it is in a past, past incarnation of the study:

One day, I was looking at the blank canvas that was the side of the new kitchen counter when I had an epiphany and came up with this:

The paint job on the counter base should look familiar….

And here is the table flipped up, with my 1950’s stool, covered in remnants of the study curtains:

And one more reveal for tonight. Remember the new cabinet on the kitchen side?

It looks a tad better now (and notice the floor is finished with trim and everything!):

Inside, I have room for trays, my blender, my bread maker, and my rice cooker!

I still have a couple of odds and ends to finish up, plus the front room needs a major vacuum, but the renos are essentially done. I feel pretty accomplished. 😀

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